Buildings of the Plastique* London Skyline Necklace

Wow has this post been a long time in coming! I did the Paris one before, and now we’re finally on to the next one…


It was easier picking out the landmarks on the London necklace as compared to the Paris one – they seem to have more distinct landmarks. I think I managed to identify most of the buildings, though there is that one between Big Ben and St Paul’s Cathedral which I’m not quite sure about… possibly the South West Tower of St Paul’s Cathedral? What do you think?


The last time I was there was way back in 2005 with my parents, where we stayed in London for awhile, but also visited Liverpool, Manchester and checked out Stonehenge, but here’s me traipsing about in London:


The Gherkin in the distance, with the Tower of London in the foreground

1. 30 St Mary Axe, or informally known as the Gherkin (an actual Gherkin is similar to a cucumber) is definitely one of the more eyecatching modern landmarks in London. It’s unusual shape is eye-catching, and as towers go, definitely super-phallic looking! It’s actually an office building, and the most expensive one to date according to wiki. I didn’t actually go to check it out, but you honestly can’t miss it from afar! The Gherkin is also pretty similar in look to Torre Agbar in Barcelona.


Tower Bridge on a nice sunny day

2. The Tower Bridge (and not the London Bridge) is pretty majestic. I remember particularly for that scene in the first Guy Ritchie Sherlock Holmes Movie, where Sherlock faces off with his nemesis atop the in-construction Tower Bridge.

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Obligatory touristy pose in front of the London Eye
I like this artsy shot of the London Eye shadow on the Thames!

3. The London Eye was used to be the highest ferris wheel, but has since been eclipsed by others worldwide. There is the Singapore Flyer which I have yet to ride… am waiting for the surrounding Marina Bay area to be built up more before I get on it. It was a really clear day while I was up there, so there was a fabulous view, and I had a great view of London’s landmarks, including the next landmark…

4. Big Ben which is actually the name of the bell within this really old clock tower (completed in 1858!) and famously reliable (according to wikipedia, has only stopped majorly less than 10 times in its entire history, wow!)

Big Ben and Westminster Palace from the London Eye
And again from ground level


Nelson's Column in Trafalgar Square
 5. What I labelled as Trafalgar Square is more accurately Nelson’s Column, the iconic structure in the middle of the square – the square refers to the whole plaza, which has a whole bunch of other statues in it.
So that’s everything except Canary Wharf and St Paul’s Cathedral, and if you’re looking to go London anytime soon (in time for the Olympics 2012 this summer!), don’t forget to stop by TOTshop and pick up a Crumpled City Map to help you get around London and see all these sights!
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