2011 Round Up: TOTshop

I can’t believe a year has flown by just like that! When I used to keep a personal blog, I would do a round up at the end of each year, just looking back at what was done, and giving a little thought into plans for the upcoming year. It’s pretty cool to look back on it and see how I’ve progressed and grown each year, so I decided to track that progression in the same way for The Occasional Traveller.

The Occasional Traveller Shop started off in a small way back in 2010 on a whim to feed my own shopping needs, and it’s grown and changed so much since then, and continues to evolve even today… Here’s a look back at the year:

2011 for TOTshop


Expanded shop space at theoccasionaltraveller.bigcartel.com

The main shop used to be hosted on the wordpress.com page, but updating it in that format was a little tedious, and there was not much I could do on it because it was a free platform. As a backup to that page and to make it easier for the overseas customers, I had the bigcartel page created as well.

I love the ease of using the bigcartel platform, so I made it into the main shop page after shifting to theoccasionaltraveller.com. Customizing the bigcartel page has not been the easiest task for me, lots of trial and error and it’s still not as perfect as I would like, but it’s definitely helped me pick up more css and html know-how!

In 2012, I’m looking to improve the shop page further, though with my limited tech skills, I might just cave and get a nice template =P Whether it stays on Bigcartel remains to be seen, I was hoping to integrate other payment methods into the system…


New stuff in the shop

Lots of new stuff made the TOTshop’s imaginary shelves this year (in reality, they’re stacked in boxes in my warehouse of a bedroom).

The Geografia range explanded, with new globes as well as stationery… perfect for those who love intricate Japanese paper products.

Not just cool globes but the prettiest stationery as well!


I also added Wintercheck Factory to the mix with its ever popular William Wallets in all sorts of colours and the lovely Julian Scarves.

So many colours, and all made in limited runs so once they’re sold out, you won’t see them any more!
Perky and practical and so varied


Tyvek was also the material of choice, it’s what the Mighty Wallets, Mighty Tags and Crumpled City Maps are made of. Waterproof, tearproof, these items will last your journey.

Especially popular this Christmas season, these handy tags come in many different designs






Plastique* has some pretty lovely travel inspired accessories (I love them ALL)


There was a bunch of limited edition items that I collected on my and my family’s travels, from Vietnam, Seoul, Paris


And the Christmas season saw the introduction of new products – the Scratch Maps (Large and Small) we’ve been lusting after as well as alter:sg, the alternative Singapore travel guide.



What do you want to see in the shop in 2012? Well I can say that the William Wallets will have even more colours on the horizon, and we just might see more Crumpled City Maps… the Asian versions, finally! I’m looking at restocking the Anywhere Travel Guides and I’m also on the hunt for new great products, so do drop me a recommendation if anything catches your eye.


More shop exposure

2011 was also the first time I took TOTshop offline and went out there and sold stuff. Some fleas were great, others less so, but it was valuable testing experience and an indication of where my customers are. There’s no better way to learn about sales than to do it yourself after all…

@ Zouk Flea & Easy
@ Public Garden (Old School)
@ Public Garden (F1 Pit Building)

In 2012 I hope to continue doing my favourite fleas – the Zouk Flea Market and Public Garden. I might look at other platforms if they’re viable, but these are the 2 you’re most likely to spot me at!


There’s still a lot more to round up! Look out for the overall TOT and TOTblog round up coming soon…

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