A Guide To Swimming Naked In Beautiful Places Around The World

If you haven’t gotten your calendar for 2012 yet, (I already have mine from the 2012 Calendar Swap!) you might want to consider getting this lovely one here:

Perhaps not the safest for a conservative workplace (some boobies in pix below, be careful if you’re looking at this at work!), but definitely inspiring and makes you want to hang loose (in all senses) and get out there, yeah?

The calendar is from the good people of The Skinny Dipping Report, and in their words:

The calendar is meant to be a travel resource through the lens of skinny dipping and a commentary on the internet democrazitation of cultural production that includes the exchange of nude imagery online…a movement we call social erotica.

Each month showcases a beautiful place where you can skinny-dip, along with an arresting photograph of people enjoying nature in the buff. What I love most is that besides the pretty pictures, there’s also a story behind each picture taken, and they give you lots of helpful tips on where to stay and what to do at the showcased spot. Part travel guide, part calendar, definitely a practical gift for the potential skinny dipper!

And they’re always looking for new pictures! Most of their pix are sourced off Flickr, so if you have any good photographs and locations for submission, you just might find your pictures (and your bottom perhaps) making the 2013 edition!

I’ve never skinny dipped in my life, unless you count the Japanese Onsen experiences, but those have so far always been in an enclosed area and not out in the middle of nature. The closest I’ve managed perhaps is soaking in a Taiwanese hand-dug hot spring by the river and using the darkness of night as cover to change…

But in future? Maybe something to tick off the bucket list =)

Pix and info thanks to Lara from TSDR.

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