2012 Calendar Swap – More Letterpressing!

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Happy Boxing Day everyone!

If you guys remember the 2011 calendar that I did up for the annual Greedy Girl / Design Crush calendar swap, I took part for the second time this year and brought out the old Epic Six* to do some serious letterpressing.

With more ink colours and dies on hand, and especially the new cutting dies from winning the Lifestyle Crafts contest with my last calendar, I was all ready to make a new calendar!

My swap buddy was uber efficient, and she sent me hers before I even got around to making it… check it out!

Khristian is a professional colour and pattern expert and designs the prettiest things… oh man how was I going to live up to that! With my little machine and some creativity, here’s what I finally ended up with:

It’s a little crafty, but I’m quite fond of it and as usual, slightly bittersweet about sending my hard work off in the mail.

Still, Khristian says she loved it (thank you!) and I loved hers, so it’s another year with a pretty calendar to stare at =)


*Disclaimer: While I love the ease of the Epic Six as a tool for letterpressing and diecutting and have used it for several projects in the past (see calendar 2011, namecards…) I have to say the machine isn’t as hardy as it should be. While it’s lightness makes it easy to move around, you can’t exert too much pressure for a deeper imprint  as it tends to shift around. Unfortunately, my machine has been replaced twice (excellent customer service from Lifestyle Crafts though), first because of a faulty gear, the second time a little after I pressed this 2012 calendar where the whole roller just broke through the machine (?!). While i can’t say if I’m using the machine wrongly or if it’s just plain faulty, I still like it for its relative ease of use for a beginner, but I’m definitely considering upgrading to something hardier.

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