Vietnam Shopping

Considering how much shopping I did on my Seoul trip, I didn’t actually buy very much in comparison while I was in Vietnam. Granted the Singapore dollar is quite a lot stronger than the Vietnamese Dong, but I felt that there wasn’t really that much to buy. I did buy back lots of traditional Vietnamese coffee for family and friends…

(Yes, Kopi Luwak is the fancy Civet-Cat dropping coffee, which is very popular and supposed to be very good.)


And I did manage a pair of cute black-and-white polka dotted flat shoes for US$3 at Dong Xuan Weekend Night Market!

(Cheap, cheap, cheap shoes!)


But the prettiest thing I came back with were these intricate hand-cut paper pop-up cards that I found in Dong Xuan night market while wandering around with M. A paper crafter herself, both M and I spent a lot of time poring over the various designs and picking out our favourite ones.


These first 2 cards are souvenirs for myself and reflective of 2 sights that you’ll often see while walking the streets of Vietnam…


Vietnamese ladies on bicycles, Ao Dai and conical hat or not…


and Vietnamese ladies carrying things the old fashion way…


A baby shower to attend? God knows that my friends are not just at the getting married stage, but they’ve reached the popping out babies stage… eek!


And in the spirit of the festive season, the most intricate designed Christmas card. Look at the delicate pop-up lettering! That definitely couldn’t have been easy, and the swirls and flowers make this such a beautiful card.



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