Me and my Veira heading to Vietnam

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A problem with my current bag collection for a short getaway – they’re either way too big (luggage, backpacks) or far too small (totes, small sling bags), so even just heading for an overnighter usually means I’m carrying 2 bags or 1 really bulky overstuffed one!

Then one day I did a little online surfing and I came across this at the Veira website:

How awesome was this deal! I’d been eyeing the lovely Veira bags since I chanced upon them at Parco Next Next and the last Public Garden, but I’d always stopped shy of pulling out my wallet. But a 60% discount combined with a healthy paypal account and a less than healthy penchant for impulse shopping had me clicking on that ‘add to cart’ button and the rest, as they say, is history.

The best thing? FREE local shipping, and very promptly too! I placed my order on Saturday and it was delivered to my home the following Tuesday… awesome! I love the vintagey airmail colour scheme and look, and while a little bulky for an everyday bag, it has the right amount of space (and compartments) for overnighters or a short trip anywhere… I kinda love that it opens up like a luggage bag as well.

Some concerns though – I’m a little afraid of dirtying my bag as it’s a white (in actual fact, original colour is slightly off white but still…) and that the big zips for the main compartment don’t open and close very smoothly. Also, there were a lot of these little white flakes that dropped all over my floor when I first opened my bag… hope it wasn’t because of age or the leather straps spoiling, I get really sad when leather stuff flakes and spoils!

So my new Veira will be headed up to Vietnam with me, really useful when I do the 2D/1N Halong Bay trip (won’t have to lug all my luggage up the boat). Check out the Veira website today! All the lovely bags are created by local designer Tan Wey Ling. I also did consider getting the  Satchel Mailer Bag or the Mailer Doc Bag quite seriously, or the envelope clutches (love the leather ‘wax seal’) and that postal bag just for fun too… Christmas present anyone?

From top left - Satchel Mailer Bag, Envelope Clutch, Postal Bag, Doc Mailer Bag

Anyway you can catch Veira as well as The Occasional Traveller Shop at Public Garden tomorrow, F1 Pit Building 1-7pm! Check out what’s in store here. See you there!


  1. Thank you so much for the blog post! And I am so glad you love the bag 🙂 Do not worry about the flakes, those are actually some soap material that was brushed on to help ease the new zipper (I’m sorry I did not mention that to you!) If you find it difficult to open or close -straighten out the two zipper tracks evenly and it will slide past. hope you get what I mean but I suppose after a few use you should familiarize =)
    Yay to the bag traveling with you on your Vietnam trip! Have a great one! Cheers

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