Buildings of the Plastique* Paris Skyline Necklace

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I love the Plastique* Skyline necklaces because of the simultaneous nostalgia and wanderlust each necklace has for me. Of the 4 designs that are in the shop, I have personally visited 3 (Paris, London and Sydney) while Shanghai still remains unexplored.

It’s pretty cool how each city is defined by its iconic buildings and how some have become so iconic of that city, you just can’t imagine them without it. Here in Singapore, I think that the sailboat inspired (or ancestral tablet looking, depending on your POV) Marina Bay Sands and the Singapore Flyer have done quite a lot to redefine our Singapore skyline.

So for a fun exercise and a chance to reminisce, I thought I would see how many buildings and monuments I could identify off the skyline necklaces!

*disclaimer: I’ve checked with creator Jen from Plastique*, who says she didn’t pick out specific buildings or landmarks for most of the skyline, especially for the smaller buildings, so what I’m guessing here might not entirely accurate! Feel free to give your 2 cents worth on what building you think it actually is.

We’ll start off with Paris…

Well the Eiffel Tower is obvious, and so is the Arc de Triomphe and Sacre Coeur, but everything else took a bit of googling and guessing! Do you recognize any of the monuments that I missed?


1. Eiffel Tower – if there’s one building you can’t NOT know about Paris or France, it’s the Eiffel Tower. Built for the World Fair in 1889 and considered a bit of a monstrosity then, it has since become one of the world’s most iconic buildings… ever!

I visited the Eiffel Tower several times over the years, and even climbed up to the level when I was younger. I loved the light shows they installed in more recent years, and how you can see the building from just about anywhere in Paris!

It was a pretty beautiful day when we visited the Eiffel Tower. Look at that sky!


2. Arc De Triomphe – Another one of the more popular monuments to visit is this Arc De Triomphe, perhaps considered the centre of traffic in Paris as most of the major avenues radiate out from this centre.

The Arc is pretty packed with people as you can see…

Meanwhile, you can also see the 3-arched Arc de Triomphe du Carrousel in the skyline too. It’s the smaller cousin of the Arc De Triomphe.

Funny thing is that I never even knew what this monument was, just that it was pretty grand looking… now I know! See the necklace is educational =)


3. Sacre Coeur – The Basilica of the Sacred Heart is such a beautiful building against the Parisian sky… It’s a bit of a climb to get up there but the view is spectacular!

Peaceful sky and regal roofs… then you scroll down to the MASSES of tourists eek

panaramic view from Sacre Coeur… pardon the shoddy photoshop stitching!


4. Dome Des Invalides – The gold plated chapel dome of the Les Invalides is pretty hard to miss. Built by King Louis XIV, it’s 107m high and took 27 years to complete!

The gold roof seems reminiscent of Russian architecture… most other European building roofs tend to be less flashy

I’m still torn if it’s that or the Paris Pantheon (yes, not just in Greece) dome instead?

Once again I suprise myself by taking this picture. To be fair, I did only have 1 afternoon in Paris!



5. Louvre – Well you definitely can’t mistake this iconic pyramid. Conceptualized by I. M. Pei (same guy who designed the eyecatching Gateway towers  in Singapore), the moderns lines and glass of the pyramid stand out against the classic architecture of the surrounding original Louvre buildings.

I had my own Louvre pix but this was taken by my sis with a much better camera than my own! and I kinda like the wonky angle


I didn’t get a chance to see Place de Vendome and Bastille Square this last trip… but I’m pretty sure some of those poky points are these monuments…

All excited to explore Paris yet? Do check out the shop to get your own Plastique Skyline necklace or get yourself a Crumpled City Paris Map and jet off to Paris to explore!

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