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Finally Friday! What are you doing this weekend?

Last weekend I was really productive craft wise. I learnt to make rubber stamps at The Little Happy Shop (Thanks JoE from Monster Gallery!… if you’re interested, keep track of The Little Happy Shop’s Facebook page… they have shoe painting coming up, how fun is that!

Hand carved rubber chops! I'm addicted to precise carving now I think!

Also, ageeees after my bookbinding classes… I finally got around to practicing my bookbinding! (Be proud Teacher Pooja, I finally got around to it!)  I thought I’d do up a journal for my upcoming Vietnam trip, and customize it just the way I like. For past trips I’d used the Moleskine cahiers and I had just finished using them, and while I have an entire drawer full of random notebooks, they’re all a bit too thick for a short trip travel journal.

I busted out my trusty Epic Six and one of the new dies that I won from the Lifestyle Crafts contest and pulled out my paper and string, and made me a book!

Coptic stitched journal!

Think it looks better in the pix than it does in real life! I got the Japanese stab binding and the Coptic stitch binding muddled in my head and punched a whole lot of extra holes. And I  somehow ended up combining both techniques into the book when I added in the divider, which was a bad idea… Just stick with the Coptic stitch! Also, too little thread, so the book a lot thinner than I intended.

So it’s probably back to the drawing board again… Still, altogether not a bad first attempt! I did have enough left over to make me a proper Japanese stab bound book:

Stitching still a little wonky... but at least I got to practice!

I do have another flea market coming up in November, so you just might see the debut of some travel journals if everything goes well!

Meanwhile after bookbinding, I also did a bit of letterpressing of wedding + baby shower cards for the family. You can check out my other letterpressing and crafty attempts here!

Tadah! Who needs to buy cards when you can make them~


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      It is! I think you will enjoy things like that… go check out The Little Happy Shop Facebook Page!

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