Motivational Scenery All Year Round

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i first saw this off Design Crush and it brought me to 365q, a website by Julian Bialowas, graphic designer and photographer extraordinaire who did something very simple for 1 whole year (he just finished recently!) – took a great photo and an inspirational quote, put them together in the most beautiful way possible, and made me want to TRAVEL.

365q Done

365 seek

365 words

Honestly, this is better than any motivator poster out there, and kinda what The Occasional Traveller aspires to do – to make you want to get off your butt and want to travel.

I’m definitely twitching in my seat now, in anticipation of my next trip.

Less talk, pix above and more pretty pix over at 365q.

I’d look out for the upcoming book and his next project starting 1/1/2012. Can’t wait to see if it’ll be as great as this!

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