Embark on A Journey Like No Other

Finally… updates! I’ve been sprucing up the shop and getting all the new deals in order, so blogging took a bt of a back seat for awhile… but here I am as usual, trying to make up for it! Meanwhile, keep looking out for more great new things happening in TOTshop this month!

The only thing I know about The Orient Express is that an Agatha Christie murder took place on one.

But then I saw A Journey Like No Other, the new campaign for the Orient Express and I am totally in love! I adore the way they recapture that romantic spirit of travel in the old days with these mini films of a really attractive and extremely privileged family, it definitely gets you in the mood for travelling…

A Journey Like No Other

There’s something kinda old-school and mystical about travelling via train. Living in Singapore, the train usually refers to the MRT, or what others might refer to as the subway. Sure, you might go up the Malaysia via the old KTM system (which recently sparked a whole movement when they closed down the old railway station), but we’ve never had much of a train riding culture here in Singapore as we’re so small.

The first time I really travelled anywhere by train was in Taiwan, where I headed from Taipei down the east side, to Hualien, Taitung and Kaoshiung. What I loved? You have the time to really admire the scenery when you’re not driving, you can stretch your legs and sleep more easily than in a car, and I usually used that time to catch up on journaling, definitely much easier when you’re not in a bumpy car!

Hualien train view

Though it definitely wasn’t as glamorous as its looks travelling in the Orient Express… you might just have a chance to though, I’m definitely taking part in this contest (did you know that there’s a Singapore office and that you can take an Orient Express train up to Bangkok? It costs a hell lot more than budget air but sure looks a ton more glam!) and hope I win that trip to Peru! How awesome would that be!

A Journey Like No Other Contest

I’m due for another train adventure when I head up to Vietnam end year… my first overnighter train ride! It’s no Orient Express but hope I manage to sleep….

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