Welcome to theoccasionaltraveller.com!

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Hello Occasional Travellers! This is The Occasional Traveller’s new home and domain! No more trying to remember which site we’re hosted on, it’s just plain and simple: theoccasionaltraveller.com !

Everything’s still pretty new and I’m poking around quite a bit, so things might be a bit raw and fluid at present, so don’t worry about it! If you do find anything broken, do let me know right here or drop me an email so I can get it fixed…

New significant things to note:

  • For the blog, head on over to theoccasionaltraveller.com/blog, or you can subscribe to get posts via RSS or email
  • The shop will mainly be hosted on the bigcartel site (theoccasionaltraveller.bigcartel.com) for now (i’m figuring out how/when to integrate it into the main theoccasionaltraveller.com domain. Nothing much has changed – I still accept iBanking and meet-ups from local Singaporeans, though I very much prefer the e-way via paypal (which also accepts debit/credit cards for those without a paypal account!).

In the meantime, hope you like it here… and do come on back soon!

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