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Moleskine x Air France – Invitation Au Voyage

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*This is a pretty old event that happened back in 2007! I’m only blogging about it now because I realize I never did have a chance to show most of the pictures of the actual exhibition. If you want to read about some of these stories, check it out here!

Invitation Au Voyage toured around Asia, and when it came to Singapore, it was displayed at a couple of places. Mine was at PageOne at Vivocity, so I headed down to check it out and brought along the Unholies too!

Taiwan Tales Moleskine Journal Exhibition

Me with my journal on display at Kinokuniya Singapore!

The books were placed in cases where you have to wear gloves and stick your hands in to turn the pages. P got nagged at by security for removing the book and not wearing gloves; we tried to reason that technically the book belonged to me and I allowed it, but nope, didn’t work.


Taiwan Tales Moleskine Journal Introduction

Perhaps some of my best handwriting ever!



Taiwan Tales Moleskine Journal Itinerary

2 weeks in Taiwan!

I got my book back some time after the exhibition, it remained fairly intact except for some pages which were falling out. I meant to give it to one of the girls, but I never did get around to it and honestly couldn’t quite bear to give it away, so it’s still with me as I slowly try to motivate myself to keep working on uploading all the posts! I swear I’ll get back around to completing them… some time!

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