Look Ma, I'm An Artist!

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Good morning Singapore! Well ok it’s kinda gloomy, but the great news is that it’s a public holiday for us Singaporeans tomorrow, woohoo! So let’s start off this shorter week with something simple and fun:

Well me and the folks at work headed down to Goodman Ceramics Studio (it’s just next door to the office!) one afternoon and got our hands dirty playing with clay. The theme was ‘Figure. Figure. Figurine Me’, which basically is a representation of who we are or think we are in the form of a sculpture.

It was pretty fun! The last time I made any sort of sculpture was probably with Play Doh back in the day (blu-tack shapes during really boring lectures don’t count!), so it was cool taking an hour or so just for some free expression.

So here’s mine! Naturally I’m always thinking about… flying away. You can probably see where the inspiration for The Occasional Traveller logo comes in!

was trying to make facial features and flowing hair but ended up with an electrocuted beehive and a bird looking face =P not bad for a first try!

The cool thing though, was that our raw clay pieces were glazed and painted to look extra pretty (mine would have been perfect if it was blue, but yellow’s not bad too), and all the sculptures are now on exhibition at Goodman Arts Centre till 30 Aug 2011. Some are really quite professionally done, others just make you think that hey, people really do see the world in a very different way from you.

The coolest thing though? Hey I’m officially an artist:

Look for my name!

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