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So now that I’d decided to ‘fly to Seoul‘, the next most important decision was on where I would stay. I didn’t need a fancy room with bells and whistles since I would be out of the room most of the day, somewhere convenient and

Recommended by P, I stayed at Seoul Tower Ville, a guesthouse located in downtown Myeongdong/Namsan area. I stayed in a single room for 4 nights and because a double room for 2 nights.


STV is located in Myeongdong (Line 4, Myeongdong Station), a pretty central shopping area in Seoul. It’s quite happening and busy at nights, so I usually spent my evenings winding down by walking the streets and doing a little shopping, just soaking up the vibe.

However, STV itself is located on Namsan, which is on the hill side. There’s a back door short cut that cuts up from Myeongdong Station Exit #3, but it’s uphill all the way and at one point, you’re navigating a bunch of uneven steps in a narrow upsloping alley.

Top: The backdoor shortcut slope + Stairs / Bottom Left: The signpost on the main Namsan road that points you up to STV / Bottom Right: Tadah you’ve reached the top of the slope! My first room was up there… 4 stories (and no lift!) up!

Not a problem if you’re in a group or if you’re used to it, but I have to admit that the first couple of nights I was a little jittery (it is lit at night but still please watch your step), and I always ended up panting by the time I reached my room!

It is cooler though, by dint of the fact that its on a hill – I never needed the air-conditioning at night, the weather was just perfect. There are some insects from time to time though – I had a mosquito keep me up one night, but it might have been because I didn’t close my screen window properly. It’s also supposed to be quieter as its away from the crowded Myeongdong area, but there was some construction going on next door so there was some banging and clanging around in the mornings.

Getting There:

Getting there from the airport is easy – you just take Bus #6015 from the airport (buy a ticket from the counter when you exit the arrival hall for 10,000 won) at bus bay 5B/12A. The bus comes quite frequently – 10-15min intervals. It’s a loop bus ride that takes about 70mins to reach downtown Seoul, and you’re looking to drop at Sejong Hotel.

From there or from the airport before you catch the bus, give the owner a call and he’ll come pick you up from there. (The doorman at Sejong Hotel kindly called STV for me using his cellphone when I was trying to look around Sejong Hotel for a phone – now there are detailed instructions on their website as to how to contact them!) I don’t recommend you trying to find STV on your own for the first time, especially if you have luggage, because that back stairway is no joke!

Detailed information on travel from the airport can be found here, but the rates might be a little outdated so check them up first.


The rooms are plain and simply adorned, there’s a live-in homey feel to the furniture, which isn’t the newest but is usually working ok. Everything you need is in the room though, even the little single room I was in: Washing machine, stove, fridge, microwave oven, air conditioning, TV… plus your own water dispenser and attached toilet. Simple amenities like toothbrushes, shampoo and tissue paper are provided as well and they clean up your room every day too!

Single Room – it’s quite snug, but comfortable enough.

The single room I stayed in was pretty small – it reminded me of my hostel room, where there was a bit of space to sit in the middle and pretty much any sitting was relegated to the bed or the floor by the bed. It was located on the 4th floor (Blk D) and while quite strenuous when you include the climb up to STV, it did have a pretty good view of the Myeongdong/Namsan area. I could see Hotel Sejong on one side, and N Seoul Tower on top of Namsan on the other!

Double Room – much more spacious, but no view!

My double room (Blk B) was on the 2nd level, and while less of a climb, its windows were about a metre or so from the neighbouring brick wall, so there was no view to speak of. Still was cooling when you cracked open the window though. The room layout was different from the single room, but all the same amenities were there, and there was much more space to walk around.


Pretty reasonable – the single room cost 45,000 won per night, which works out to about S$50. Most of the hotels that I checked out are about S$80 per night at least. Hostels are cheaper of course, but I didn’t want to share a room/toilet.


You’re pretty much left to yourself after checking in – payment is usually upfront upon arrival and in cash to the owner after he showed me to my room.

The Lounge

There is a little lounge area where there are some brochures (not very useful), but no good maps of Seoul so you either need to take one from the airport or have a guidebook with you. Also, I hardly saw the owners there, so if you’re the sort who likes to get tips/advice on travel, you’re not going to get that much here.

Also, it’s not like your typical hostel with a main room where people get to meet each other and hang out, so if you’re the sociable, you’re better off at an actual hostel!

View from the main street – you can head up Namsan (bottom left) or enjoy a coffee (bottom right) and some dinner (top left) / Top Right: That’s the view form the front entrance, a very narrow corridor

Here are some other places I was considering:

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  1. hey, just already reserved a room and they give me at second floor..second floor is not basement right? also, they have international call service or not? thanks for sharing..^^

    1. Author

      Hi Sara, as far as I recall there isn’t a basement – 1st level was the lowest. I stayed on the 2nd level so that’s one flight of stairs up assuming everything is still the same! not sure about international call service though, you’ll have to check with them to be sure…

  2. Dear Jaclynn, Thank you for your sharing. I got know this hotel from other website, the comment is not bad but yup, all reminded the location is uphill, haha! but i think it is ok for me. I am planning to visit Seoul in Nov 20-25. I emailed to the hotel and asked for the 5th floor room. it is 40000 won / night per person. how do you think? 2nd to 4th floor is 45000 won. do u think i should save 5000 won per night after “always ended up panting by the time reached the room!” haha! looking forward to your reply. thanks.

    1. Author

      Hi Shirley, if you don’t have any heavy bags and you don’t mind a little climbing you’ll save a little bit of cash (that works about to about S$5 per night), so why not if you want to save a little! You’ll probably have a better view too 🙂

  3. hello,

    im not sure if my previous comment got through, but i would like to know if the walk to STV (the slope and stairs) is safe? is the neighbourhood quiet?

    Thank you 🙂

    1. Author

      yes even though I was a bit nervous about it as well at first, but I didn’t encounter any problems walking the slope and stairs. It’s fairly well lit, and though neighbourhood is quieter, generally felt safe.

  4. Hey. I’m wondering, why is the price rather cheap? because a twin room only costs around 25.000 KRW per night/person.
    Is it because it’s an apartment and your left by your own?
    And is there a curfew?
    Thank you in advance 😉

    1. Author

      hello! The rooms are pretty cheap, and condition is quite good, so definitely value for money. The twin room price on the website is per pax, which is probably why it looks cheaper! It’s just always more expensive for the solo traveller >_< It's an apartment and you're mostly left on your own, no curfew (also their website is much nicer now than I remember it being!)

  5. Hi, good photos. We planned to stay there in Dec but the thought of climbing the stairs and slop is a concern as we’ll be staying for 6 days. How long does it takes to reach the apartment from the base of the stairs? Given a choice, would you stay there again if there is a guest house like IB ville located lower than STV? Hope to hear from you. Thanks.

    1. Author

      Hi Michelle,

      from the base of the stairs it’s about 5 mins tops? Not a very far walk, just a bit tiring as the stair is pretty steep!

      had a look at IB ville site, and the rooms do look newer than STV, but in terms of distance, I’m not sure it’s any lower than STV! I did enjoy my stay at STV, though I did wish there was a little bit more tourist help as I was a single traveller…


      1. Thanks for your reply. Hope to see more of your travelling bklog so that I can get some tips from you. Where are you going next ???

  6. hi! quick question..mai-irecommend mo ba ang seoul tower ville?? kasi parang di maganda yung daanan niya eh,,hindi ba delikado jan???

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