Fly to Seoul, Boom Boom Boom

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I’m not sure if anyone else remembers these tourism ads that were on TV awhile back? By some Korean pop group, ridiculously catchy, and possibly what subconsciously made me pick Seoul as my next destination for an occasional travel?

(edit: I found out who they are! They’re called 2pm and here’s the music video for reference! pic above from CoverWorldMania)


Anyway I’m at Changi Airport T1 now, got here pretty early (am paranoid that way, had too many close shaves for my well being!) and am just wandering around the airport waiting for the gate to open. Am surreptiously checking out the guidebooks I’m too cheap to buy to figure out my itinerary more clearly…

My guesthouse has internet and I’m carrying my dad’s old netbook so I should have sporadic internet access at nights, so you just might see some updates from time to time! Expect a full report and cleaned up posts when I’m back proper though.

Sorry to shop customers but I’ll only be able to revert next week when I’m back! You’ll be glad to know that I’m also taking the Passport Holder, Mighty Tag, William Wallet and Anywhere Travel Guide on trip with me – I only sell stuff that I believe in myself!

This kiosk’s keyboard panel is too high for me, or perhaps I’m too short (to my horror, I recently measured 1.5cm shorter than I’ve always believed my height to be) so my arms are aching just typing this post! See you guys when I’m back… I’m pretty excited about navigating Seoul with just 2 phrases to my vocabulary – Kamsamhamida and Annyeonghaseyo Occasional Travellers!

P/S Do feel free to leave comments or tips here! Much appreciated!

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