Floating Away…

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Monday! How different a Monday feels when it’s your last week at work… Haven’t had time to wanderlust this weekend – it’ll most probably be a Seoul Part 2 as I’ve been doing some research for the upcoming trip. Also, I spent a fair bit of my weekend trying to learn to read Korean, which is surprisingly easier than I thought. Korean used to baffle me, circles and squares and all, but once you figure out the system… actually easier to pick up than Chinese and Japanese! At least I’ll be able to figure out maps now…

Anyway, saw this off Snog Blog, isn’t this an utterly dreamy bench? It’s a bit of optical illusion where the bolts are attached to the ceiling and hidden in the balloons. It makes me feel like floating away… Kinda reminds me of Pixar’s Up movie… a floating bench would be easier to accomplish over a house yah?

You can find more pix at Somewhere Tokyo and h220430!


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