Around The World In The Comfort Of Your Room

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Wouldn’t this be a cool idea for a boutique hotel room? Or maybe your own bedroom if you’re adventurous… Instead of paintings and wallpaper, you project scenes of different places on it, immersing yourself in the beauty without having to leave your room… It’d definitely make me want to stay in that hotel for a few nights running.

I can imagine a number of windowless rooms or hotels in unfortunately unscenic locations that might benefit from something like this… and if you add in ambient sound… how cool would that be! This would make a real staycation~

this upside down one is mindboggling~

Check out the original post at HonestlyWTF for more about how the images were actually created by Cuban artist Abelardo Morell – through a technique called Camera Obscura, that works almost like a pinhole camera, the images are ‘reflections’ of the scenery outside the window!

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