Weekend Wanderlusting

Weekend Wanderlusting: Seoul

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So after 4 years in my current job, I’m finally moving on (no more late mornings, boohoo), and I’ve managed to wrangle a little break between jobs, so I’m headed off to do a little travelling! Looks like Hanoi won’t be my first solo trip after all…

After some debate and thought and lots of research later, it looks like:


Seoul, South Korea

Pix from thebesttraveldestinations

It’s summer now and on the tail end of the monsoon season so weather wise it’s going to be like Singapore, kinda hot and wet. The best times apparently are Spring (March) and Autumn.

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Cathay Pacific flies up there, and according to to Zuji, is actually cheaper than budget airline Air Asia! It’s roughly an 11hr flight with a 4 hour layover in HK. (Direct flight is about 6hrs, but you’re looking at about $300-400+ more!)

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P who was there last year recommends staying at Seoul Tower Ville near the Myeongdong area. It’s 45,000won (that’s about S$50) for a single room per night, which is about 2x hostel prices but half of what most hotels on agoda/zuji are charging. It looks pretty decent, and having your own shower and not having to put up with other people’s snoring for a decent rate? Something I don’t mind paying a little more for.

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Shop – I definitely want to visit the various markets – Namdaemun (Line 4, Heoyeon Station), Dongdaemun, Myeongdong (Migliore, noon square and many others) Itaewon (the expat area), Insadong (the artsy area, converted to walking street on weekends), Ewha (near the women’s uni), Hongdae (Saturday Flea Market), Folk Flea Market… also I just realized… it’s SUMMER SALE PERIOD WOOT

Sightsee – There are 5 palaces, I doubt I’ll be visiting all of them, but one of the more popular ones is Gyeongbokgung Palace (Line 3, Gyeongbokung station, closed on tues), N Seoul Tower, Cheonggyecheong river, Bukchon Hanok Traditional Village… I was pondering visiting the DMZ (Demilitarized zones) between North and South Korea…

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If anyone has other links or recommendations on what I can do in Seoul? I was pondering heading to Jeju island, but it looks like you need at leas 2-3 days to really enjoy Jeju, and I want a really relaxing trip so I’m going to just keep all my wanderings to Seoul and perhaps a day trip or 2 around the Seoul city area… anyone have any suggestions?


    1. Thanks for the link! will check out your page… it looks very comprehensive and well researched =)

  1. other than shopping and sightseeing, you have to experience their amazing cafe culture! most cafes there are beautifully decorated and have a character of their own! not to mention.. the coffee’s usually very good (: if given the time, i’d just chill my day away in cafes with a book or people-watch! my favourite areas for cafe-hopping are Hongdae and Samcheong-dong! have fun in Seoul!

    1. thanks twolittlewhos (such a cute name1)! that’s kinda why i wanted to take it slow and easy so i would have time to just sit down and chill out… any favourite cafes to recommend?

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