Weekend Wanderlusting

Weekend Wanderlusting: Malapascua

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Here’s a little segment that I’m starting up to document the places that I want to visit – You know how some times you’re just surfing other blogs and something about their pix/story makes that place seem so absolutely irresistible?  That’s a thought to carry you through the weekend where you have time to do more research and daydream about being there, wherever there may be.

Sometimes though, you take those daydreams a step further by doing some prep work over the weekend, or steal an hour or so in the midst a busy workday, and whittle away at the vast information network that is the internet, and then you are that much closer to actually going on the trip! We all need that little nudge sometimes, that’s what The Occasional Traveller is about after all!

Right now for me? So many places I want to go, but here’s one I’ve been trying to get to for awhile – all the plans are made, I just need someone to go along with me! The package is designed for 2, so going solo requires an extra ‘premium’ and I usually prefer diving with someone I know…

I highly suspect I’ll only get here next year earliest, if at all! ARGH life.


Malapascua, Cebu, Philippines.

pic from gotomalapascua.com. Malapascua (meaning ‘bad christmas’) is a pretty small island as you can see!

* * *


Cebu Pacific Air or Silkair. Right now Silkair’s prices are pretty competitive – about S$400 compared to CPA’s S$300ish… might be worth paying a bit more for a little more comfort and not having to worried if your flight is cancelled as budget airlines are wont to, no? Too bad there aren’t promos – the last time I flew to Cebu there was a promo for about S$250!

Malapascua is an island off Cebu, which involves some additional land and boat travel to get to the island itself (an add 3-4 hours in all?), so it’s probably best to arrange for a pick up if possible! You can wing it yourself if you want to though, but I’m lazy that way…

* * *


diving, diving, diving, and hopefully seeing the great Thresher Sharks! Look at that awesome tail and beady eyes… Thresher sharks are endangered and pretty rare, but in Malapascua you can see them year round! They usually stay very deep, but there’s a cleaning station (the Monad Shoal) where they come up to.

Pic from Tepanee Resort

Andrea at Thresher Shark Divers has been pretty helpful providing rates and packages and my 10 million questions, especially since I’ve been planning this since Feb! There are a bunch of other dive operators there too, gotomalapascua.com has a listing…

* * *


Tepanee Resort – it’s the hotel offered as part of the dive package and looks pretty decent.

* * *


go there now! It’s a pretty small island, and there’s not much else to do there, but that’s the whole point right? Lazing on the beach in a bikini with a beer instead of typing away in the cold air-conditioned office…

Pix from Tepanee Resort


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