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The thing about maps is that first and foremost, they’re meant to be practical. So they end up being kinda stentorian in feel, blocky grids and flat colours, and often the sheer number of lines and minute detail are enough to drive anyone crazy while they’re trying to hunt down their target locations. So I’ve always had a soft spot for well designed maps, some times practical, some times just pretty to look at.

The maps on They Draw and Travel  might not be accurate or to scale in any way, but the info they pack in sure beats any ol’ guidebook. And also, they’re definitely more fun to look at – only the best are handpicked to be displayed on the site, so you’ve got some pretty swanky illustrations going on!

here’s Hanoi, where I plan to visit in November:

and I found Singapore!

drawn by Admira Pustika, an expat in Singapore (I’ve been to the Novena Chicken Rice – it’s near my office and it’s called Wee Nam Kee, and it’s quite good. And I do believe I’ve eaten that Prata at Marymount too.)

I’m tempted to submit something, but I think I pale in comparison to all these artists! They do have an awesome contest going on till July though, where you stand to win $2000 just by submitting a map! wow!

Thanks to @notabilia for the tweet link! And in case you haven’t heard or noticed the side bar, I’m FINALLY on Twitter @jac_theocctrav too!

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