Experimental Travel with Lonely Planet

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Well I’m a big fan of alternative travelling as you can see with the Anywhere Travel Guide (and the Anywhere Travel Guiding series 2011, yikes I hope I can finish by year end as originally planned!)

I stumbled upon the Lonely Planet’s guide to Experimental Travel, and like the ATG, it has various ‘experiments‘ for you to undertake for a more interesting way to ‘travel’ (not all experiments involve actual travelling, some are more exploratory!) In general, the experiments are more detailed than the cards on the ATG and range from the simple (explore by letting your dog take you for a walk) to the bizarre (blindfolding yourself and exploring a new place).

I kinda like the quote on their ‘about‘ page:

‘Experimental Travel is travel with constraints, that at the same time liberates you from the limitations and expectations of classic tourism. By travelling with the constraints of Experimental Travel, you conversely have more freedom’.

Joël Henry, founder of Latourex (Laboratory of Experimental Travel)

Here are those that I would like to try out:

#17 – Ero Tourism – where you and a partner each visit a designated place separately, and then spend the day exploring the city and attempting to run into each other randomly. It does sound pretty romantic, no?

#20 – Exquisite Corpse Gad about – a thing you can do with friends where you each pick out a different segment of the trip (i.e. location, price, method of travel, accommodation…). The name is a lot more exotic than it actually is!

#40 – Voyage to the end of the line – straightforward enough, you travel to the end of the line, whether it be train, bus or car ride, and see what lies there.

Full list can be found here!

Here’s a cool link I found of #26 (See the world through the eyes of a mascot) in action today!

The picture above is the latest post of Ada’s travels, but she’s been all over the world already, even here in Singapore! This one definitely isn’t difficult to do, and I know several people who already do something like that =)


  1. I found this book at a used book store yesterday and picked it up. It’s got some novel ideas. It’s right in line with my goal next month to visit all 77 (approximate) consulates in San Francisco in one day. Wish me luck.

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