Imagine your face on the side of a plane!

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Yes posts have been a little scant this week, it’s a busy time as I settle some shop stuff while juggling work and LIFE itself!

But here’s something fun to tide you over in the meantime… KLM has a pretty cool facebook app called Tile & Inspire where you get to create your own traditional Dutch tile and possibly win a contest where you’ll have your face on the side of a KLM plane! The app itself is pretty fun to play with, easy to use and fairly customizable… though it took me awhile to select a good photo where my face didn’t have weird lighting effects…

Here’s my tile, and my ‘inspirational saying’!

(The curly font says ‘Be less of an Occasional Traveller!’ And if you’ve been on TOTfb, yes that’s Awesome Hat #2)

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