I Encountered Kamikaze Birdies, What’s Your Travel Story?

There’s a great giveaway happening at Design*Sponge now, featuring the lovely new European map prints by These Are Things, also seen in this earlier post about their totally lust-worthy maps!

(Their little shop has expanded, from world maps to European maps, to American maps, and now these fantastic Europa prints! I totally want to get all 6 and put them up on my wall, perhaps after I finally procure a world map for myself…)

But the best (or next best since the prints are probably the best) thing about this giveaway are all the great travel anecdotes in the comments section. I had a lot of fun just browsing through them and reading/laughing/commiserating with all the stories – it really does reinforce the fact that the best and most memorable trips aren’t always the smoothest ones!

I thought about which anecdote to submit – there was the Barcelona incident where I nearly got conned by fake birdshit, there’s that fateful snake encounter in Taiwan where I ended up with coffee all over my back for the entire day, the day in Japan where we sat through all the rollercoasters and were finally felled by the spinning tea cups of all things… I could go on!

I did finally settle for an encounter with P when we were in New Zealand 2005 (yup the time I lost my camera), us two happily trundling down the roads in the South part of the South Island. The sun was shining, the sky was blue, and the birds were happily playing in the slipstream of our car driving by. These birds were pretty skillfull, ducking around and across the car, sweeping over the roof and windshield from time to time…

All was fine until we noticed one birdie dip lower than usual, followed almost immediately by a pretty audible THUNK, like a golfball hit our bumper. Shrieks ensued from us both, and Driver P was immediately horrified at the thought of a bird divebombing our car. I happily mocked her, Bird-Killer, until it happened to me when I was at the wheel. Seriously, they’re small but you can still feel the impact! Between us we accidentally murdered 3 country birdies by the end of our trip… eep!

Seriously, birds! We weren’t in a particularly remote part of NZ, so I’m pretty sure they’ve encountered cars before! They were either pretty young or pretty dumb…

Updated: P found scientific proof that city birds are smarter than country birds! which would explain everything…

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