Anywhere Travel Guiding 2011 – Five

FIVE – 10th April 2011 (Saturday) – 4pm-ish @Ann Siang Hill

So last Saturday I found myself in Chinatown getting a foot massage and some shaved ice for dessert. Left to my own devices after my friends departed, I decided to head over to nearby Ann Siang Hill to check it out since I was in the area.

Ann Siang and Club Street are touted as the ‘hip’ indie areas, with lots of little shops and eateries to discover. I just spent an afternoon exploring and soaking in the vibe of the area. It was pretty quietish when I was there in the afternoon, not too much going on. It’s obviously a lot more happens at night, what with the slight lingering smell of vomit in certain corridors…

Well that’s not a problem! Blue’s my favourite colour and I’m naturally drawn to it anyway! Here’s a little blue pictoral tour of Ann Siang Hill and Club Street:

Just across the road from Ann Siang is the Sri Mariamman Temple, which is lined with blue cows on the top of its walls
Here’s a view of Ann Siang Hill
The thing I love about old shophouses are the old school tiles
I also love mosaic, but I didn’t see any nice blue ones there. We have pretty old shophouse tiling though!
This was on a random door, interesting because it looks like a Chinese New Year decoration, but those are often in traditional red/orange/pink, not blue!
Random pretty mini-safe in a vintage store I can’t recall the name of now!
I loved these too, esp the lighthouses! but man they were a little pricey…
This little restaurant is blue-everything and has a great Mediterranean vibe!
Pretty blue place setting at the restaurant. Love!
Here’s a shot from across the street
here’s a cute illustration in a little nook in a bookshop called Woods in the Books
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