Why Whaiwhai

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So I’m definitely a fan of alternative travel guides, as evident from the Anywhere Travel Guide in store, so when I came across Whaiwhai from Pret A Voyager, I was definitely intrigued.

Whaiwhai (it’s a Maori word for “to search for” , though the company originates from Italy) is like an adventure book brought to life, where the city you visit is turned into the setting for a fictional mystery. Different stories have been created for several cities in Italy, and all you need is the Whaiwhai book, a phone and an adventurous spirit to play the game and explore the city! Solving the clues via sms, you’ll get new clues which will lead you to the end of your adventure. I imagine it’s like starring in your very own version of the Da Vinci Code!

I love how it integrates the suspense of a mystery thriller with the romance of an unknown place together. Whether you know the place or not, you’ll still get to explore it in a whole new different race. It’s kinda like a own personal Amazing Race!

I think it’s also cool how you have the option to compete with other people or even play on your couch.

Watch this video here for a better idea of how Whaiwhai works:


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