J'adore La Famille Summerbelle!

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Pardon the French if it’s less than perfect! I only did one semester’s worth a loooong time ago…

But these beautiful maps from Famille Summerbelle are just magnifique! You might remember the Mapcuts from Studiokmo I posted awhile back which were a study in minimalism and elegant lines.

The Famille Summerbelle maps are also painstakingly handcut, but looking at these maps is less a cartographic exercise and more of a Where’s Wally of pretty. Love the quirky little detail that is worked throughout all the maps, especially that they’re all related to the particular areas they represent!

You can buy yourself a print based on the original hand cut maps from Famille Summerbelle! If only I had enough wallspace… I think a set of the New York, Paris and London maps against a plain white wall would be divine. I love the ink colours chosen! The tote bag versions are also pretty cute~

Or if you want a more practical map that you can carry around and actually use, check out the Crumpled City Maps at The Occasional Traveller Shop here or at Big Cartel!

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