Up, Up and Away!

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I’m sure most of you out there watched Pixar’s fabulous movie Up (and TOTALLY cried at the super poignant and touching opening sequence, *sniffle*)


I loved the wanderlust the couple had, and how they were perpetually trying to save up to go on an adventure together, even though real life kept getting in the way. They never do make that trip together, unfortunately, and it really drives home the message to me to seize the moment and travel when I can, and not keep putting it off until it’s too late!

Better an occasional traveller than a procrastinating traveller yah?

Well anyway the old man Carl ties a zillion balloons to his little house and flies it to Paradise Falls, and NatGeo amazingly  managed to recreate this balloon house, with 300 balloons, a 16x16ft house and a team of intrepid scientists!

So maybe you might not be able to fly all the way to South America, but it certainly would be an adventure! I just think its awesome that they managed to fly a HOUSE.

Catch it on NatGeo’s new show “How hard can it be” later this year!¬† According to the host, this was definitely hard!

Article and more pix at NetGeo here. Check out the behind the scenes footage to get a glimpse of the balloon house flying! It’s pretty surreal~

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