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Crumpled City Maps

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When I travel to a foreign land, I like to grab myself a map and find my own way around. Some times I approach people for directions, but mostly it’s me and my trusty map on the road, getting me where I want to go.

After each trip, my maps tend to be worse for wear, having weathered countless folding and much abuse being stuffed into too full backpacks and perpetual scrunching in my hands when I inevitably still find myself lost.

I found a really cool set of maps that are built to last the trip and whatever you might encounter along the way!

Crumpled City Map Berlin

Called the Crumpled City Maps, they were conceived by young Italian designer Emanuele Pizzolorusso for Palomar, and are made to be crushed! These maps are made of trusty Tyvek material, a paper looking material that’s nothing at all like paper – it’s pretty impossible to tear by hand (if you’ve seen me at my flea markets with the Mighty Tags, you would know!), and because they’re oh so crushable, it’s pretty handy to have on hand as you can stow and unfold your map in 2 seconds flap, without worrying about bits and pieces dropping off!

Tyvek is also 100% waterproof and recyclable, so you don’t even have to worry about your map getting spoilt in the rain, it’ll probably even make a great makeshift shield against the rain to get you to shelter if you’re caught in a downpour. Also for the environmentally conscious, Tyvek is 100% recyclable and eco-friendly!

Currently the Crumpled City Maps are available for several major cities in the world – Paris, London, Rome, New York, Berlin and the latest is Hamburg. I’m hoping they get around to Asia soon – wouldn’t it be cool if there was a Singapore one!

Each Crumpled City Map comes prettily folded in a cute box with a motif representing its respective city (my favourite is the mustache representing Paris, hee) and each map has it’s own carrying pouch which you can stuff the map into when you’re done.

The Crumpled City Map is well designed, and also has a listing of Places of Interest for each city, along with special ‘Soul Sights’, 10 must-see places in each city specially selected by Palomar.

The Crumpled City Maps are great for your travels, but also make great gifts for friends or loved ones headed to any of these major cities for a stint, where they will spend some quality time exploring the city and could do with a lasting map to find their way around. It also makes a great memento after the trip is over.

Check it out in the shop today!


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