All The Buildings In New York

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When James Gulliver Hancock relocated from Australia to New York, he decided to commemorate that with a year long effort to draw all the buildings in New York.

Now if you’ve ever been to New York, you know there are a lot, and I mean A LOT, of buildings in New York. And this is coming from me, City-bred Singaporean girl in a land full of towering HDB flats.

Slightly mad or positively brilliant, one can’t deny that James is a great illustrator and his sketches, whether monotone or coloured, simple or conceptual are all really pretty and thoughtful.

I’ve always loved a good sketch – it’s a whole lot more inspirational than fancy art as it makes me want to whip out a sketch book and get that pencil moving. I think that it’s a pretty cool way to get to know a city through its architecture. It really makes you take some time to appreciate the details and sometimes you find little things that you might have missed if you’d just breezed by, and a picture sometimes is worth a thousand words!

(you can see some of my sketches, amateur attempts with a marker on-the-go-late-night-holed-up-in-the-hostel-bed in my Taiwan Journals)

Wonder if anyone will try drawing all the buildings in Singapore? Maybe I should attempt like… a week or something… And perhaps not just the iconic buildings we have like the ‘Durian’ Esplanade or Marina Bay Sands… some of our HDB blocks have real flavour, and I’ve always loved the kooky conserved shophouses…

Check out All The Buildings In New York for more of James’ great artwork, which you can also purchase from his shop. Also, have a a look at this little presentation for a little insight on James’ motivation for starting ATBINY.

Pix from All The Buildings in New York and James Gulliver Hancock

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