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Happy CNY everyone! Hope everyone’s had a good long holiday, because it’s going to be the last long weekend in awhile!

How do you pick the places you stay in when you go abroad? Usually I get recommendations from friends who’ve been there, or I look up hostelworld if I’m looking for cheap hostels. Sometimes I luck out and get to stay with friends who happen to live there, other times its a race against time to find a last minute place to stay before it gets dark!

I’ve stayed in beautiful places, and some pretty shitty ones too – but it’s always been an experience! Most of the time, accommodation is just about about having a decent place to kip after a long day out, but having a nice place to return to can really make a trip so much sweeter.

Design Tripper by Meghan McEwan (and how cute is that logo) has a growing list of fabulous places all over the world where you can stay, all beautifully designed and unique in some special way. No seedy dumps and mega chain clones here!

Singapore currently has one entry submitted by Notabiliathe Wanderlust Hotel, which does sound like a fantastic designer boutique hotel for a staycation if I ever take one… another post on that in future!

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