Wintercheck Factory: Julian Scarf

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Here’s the other great Wintercheck Factory product that we have in store!

For those who’ve been to cold weather countries, I’m sure you miss one thing about Singapore’s weather – not having to pile on the layers when you go out! I try not to carry bags on top of wearing multiple coats as I feel bulky enough as it is, so a lot of my things end up stashed in my coat pockets.

It’s not really an issue until you go to a place where you have to check your coat, and suddenly you have a bunch of stuff in your hands and no bag… now what?

The Wintercheck Factory’s Julian Scarf was designed for that purpose, besides keeping you toasty and warm on a cold day, it also has a hidden pocket and functions as a little tote bag to keep your essentials close at hand all the time! Of course, I wouldn’t suggest putting heavy/bulky items in it – but things like cards, cash or even reading glasses, or your very own William Wallet if you don’t have any pockets that day…

They’re so pretty and cheerful, and I love me a fabulous and functional item!

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