Its So Pretty To Say Goodbye

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I’m at that stage in life where lots of people I know are uprooting themselves, whether temporarily or permanently, to move somewhere around the world to live or work. Sometimes they stay just awhile, sometimes they never seem like they’re coming back.

Here’s one guy’s adieu to his town, a series of 5 beautifully designed billboards in an ode to Los Angeles. It’s a great (but somewhat pricey) way to move on. I love the vintage-y feel of the designs + typography, and the little witty liners.

Would I be able to say goodbye to Singapore? Definitely not forever, and definitely not so prettily!

Check out his site here.

Via Design Crush.

Check out the actual billboards via honestlywtf!


  1. I actually read each LA as “lah” and pictured it as some kind of Singaporean breakup thing and it made sense the whole way.

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