Letterpressing on the Weekend

I’d recently gotten myself a bunch of new craft stuff, so when a nice breezy (though slightly drizzly) Sunday afternoon came along, I happily set up my letterpress stuff on my porch and churned out some new namecards and thank you cards.

There was a sale, I went a little crazy buying ink, going from 6 colours to 22, ah well~ that’s my fancy little cloud suitcase which houses most of the bibs and bobs
Look out for these! (sorry had to swirl out my phone no.) I haven’t added in my little paper airplane yet
and these when you buy stuff! the effect doesn’t show up so well, but the ink on the flowers is metallic and pretty in the light
This is my favourite of the lot, I blended 3 shades of green ink and there’s a nice cross texture in the background
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