Who Needs Bags When You've Got A Fancy Coat?

No more carry-on luggage, all you need is a trusty Carry-On Coat and… probably fairly strong shoulders to lug all this around. I see the practicality – with 33 pockets you’ll be amazingly hands-free, but wouldn’t you be fairly bulky? It would be SUCH a relief to take off this coat at the end of the day – I bet you’d feel 10kg lighter!

Definitely for the light or overnight traveller – I’m such a packrat I think my coat would be dragging me down~ And only for the cold countries – You’ll be overheating in this if you tried it in Singapore!

Apparently the ad for this product caused quite a stir as airlines weren’t keen to advertise how this coat helped people avoid Extra Baggage Fees.

Get your Carry-On Coat from SCOTTEVEST.

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