2011 for The Occasional Traveller

Hello everyone! Hope you’ve all had a great Holiday Season so far – I’ve definitely been out and about, so it’s been a little quite around the TOT blog… but anyway here’s what will be coming up in the brand new year ahead!

1) More great Store additions – So far there’s been pretty good response to the shop over the Christmas period, and I hope to bring in even more interesting and unusual travel related products in 2011! (To those waiting for their Geografia Globe orders, I’ll let you know as soon as the latest shipment reaches me!)

2) More trip updates – I am so bad with these journal things! I get lazy, I admit, especially when it comes to tidying and selecting my photographs. Hopefully I can turn that around in 2011, updating recent trips quickly so I can get around to the old ones! I’ll likely continue with the Taiwan Journals (we’re only halfway through) and hope to get around to the other trips…

3) The Anywhere Travel Guide Project – Some of you have them, or purchased them for your friends, and while they make lovely additions to your shelf, they’re not meant to languish there! In 2011, I’m resolving to go through the entire set of 60 cards over the course of the year, whether it be locally or abroad, so as to add to my travel experiences. If anyone else is interested in adding to my experiences, do drop me a note!

4) More pretty – I’m loving my letterpress set, and am hoping to do more work on this! So if anyone is looking for small quantities of letterpressed invites or cards of simple design at an affordable price, do let me know how I can help! I’ll probably put up a mini catalogue of what I have on hand for easy reference soon…

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