Building a world – Geografia Globes

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I fell in love with these pretty globes as soon as I saw them – they’re totally unlike anything I’ve seen before! The Geografia Globes are a modern and designer spin on your typical study table accessory, and the great part about it is actually being able to assemble it yourself! It truly lets you appreciate the intricate design and thought that has gone into it.

Small Material Series Globes – WOOD, LEATHER and MINERAL

The globes are designed to sit on a table without a stand, and they incline at precisely 23.4 degrees, the same angle at which our Earth’s axis is tilted! I also love the fact that it forms up like the actual earth – with a core structure which has been labelled too – instructional and beautiful, this is what makes Japanese products so wonderful…

the material globes spruce up my otherwise normal bookshelf~

I couldn’t resist buying them for myself, and now I’ve gotten some in for you too! Pick from a range of sizes and themes… (head to the shop to find out more details!)

The Night Globe at night…

My favourite of the lot would have to be the Night Globe. I love the plastic texture that really makes it unique, and it sits in my bedroom at night – and when it’s properly dark you can see the lights glow, absolutely fantastic!

The Night Globe during the day

And it looks good during the day as well. The poly material and glow in the dark ink makes it a little more expensive than the other globes, but still its a great and unique piece to have. If I had my own house, this would definitely be one of the centerpieces in my imaginary study/library/book room!

Large Blank Series Globes, great for personalization!


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