The Amazing Race Season 4 – Epi 10 Precap

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Our Malaysian boys hit a dead end

The teams head to Indonesia and do a spot of diving in Lombok! How cool is that. Too bad they didn’t have time to admire the pristine underwater life as they searched for a suitcase full of money! The Malaysian boys pick the wrong detour (finding a grave over carrying a basket on your head? Bad choice Ethan!) and end up falling behind, and though the Richards nearly lose out because of a stupid decision to NOT take a cab, they luck out and scrape by by the skin of their teeth.

My Predictions in the last Precap:

  • Winner – PH Richards
  • 2nd – SG Girls
  • 3rd – MY Guys
  • Last – INDO Father-Daughter

SCORE! well. so much for the scoreboard…

DUD. I didn’t know they were headed to Indonesia – home team advantage, totally! The Indo team hang on nad the Phil guys nearly get kicked out by flouting the rules stupidly and the Malaysian guys make one bad decision that jeopardised them completely…. Just goes to show, this race can be totally unpredictable!

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I’ll be talking about stuff seen in the preview videos released by AXN, so if you’re a purist and you don’t want to know what happened, DON’T READ ON. Also, all comments are based on what I see off the videos and all guesses are just what they are – wild ass guesses based on arbitrary feelings and conjectures from what those sneaky producers choose to show on screen.


Award system: The final duke out will be among the top 3, so for each leg we’ll award 4 pts to the winner, 3 pts to runner up and 2 pts to third place. The rest get 1 pt by virtue of staying in the race, 2nd last gets 0 pts for almost getting kicked off while an elimination garners -1 pt. (Thanks to the Gratz Industries Project Runway big board of Shame for the scoring system!)

In order of their finishing in Epi 9:

  1. PH – Jess + Lani – 3 pts
  2. INDO – Hussein + Natasha – 2 pts
  3. SG – Claire + Michelle – 1 pt
  4. Richard + Richard – 0 pt
  5. MY – Ethan + Khairie – -1 pt (eliminated)

Standings after 9 episodes:

  1. PH – Richard + Richard – 21 pts (2 first place, 4 second place, 1 safe, 1 penultimate)
  2. PH – Jess + Lani – 13 pts (2 first place, 6 safe)
  3. SG – Claire + Michelle – 11 pts (4 third place, 4 safe)
  4. INDO – Hussein + Natasha – 9 pts (3 second place, 1 safe, 4 penultimate)
  5. MY – Ethan + Khairie – 14 pts (2 first place, 2 third place, 3 safe, 1 last)
  6. IN – Sunaina + Dimple – 10 pts (1 first place, 1 second place, 1 third place, 2 safe, 1 penultimate, 1 last)
  7. MY – Ivan + Hilda – 8 pts (1 first place, 1 third place, 3 safe, 1 last)
  8. IN – Manas + Sahil (eliminated epi 4) – 1 pt (2 safes, 2 penultimate, 1 last)
  9. HK – Alan + Wendy (eliminated epi 3) – 0 pt (2 safes, 2 last)
  10. INDO – Yani + Nadine (eliminated epi 2) – -2 pts (2 last)

Some thoughts:

– Though considered the second strongest team according to the Scoreboard, Khairie and Ethan still ended up being eliminated, despite stronger finishes and more top places than the rest of the competition

– Jess and Lani look like they’re peaking at the right time, overtaking the SG girls and the Indo family with 2 consecutive first place finishes. No more safes for them!

– On paper, the Indo family definitely looks like the weakest team, with the lowest score and the most penultimate finishes, but that could also mean that they’re battlers and they’re good at hanging on…

* * * * *


Here we have screencap goodness of the upcoming episode preview, and my predictions based on what little bits the producers entice us with.

You can also check out the preview video of epi 8 at the facebook page.

Sleep adled, our intrepid travellers brandish maps and head out...

*Claire Thinking* Dude, use the car hood!

Without the subtitles, Jess's face might look like one of disdain

"you're the one that I want, woo oo oo!"

Jess and Lani are targeted

"you put your right leg in, you take your..."

". . . . . . . "

"ok shutting up and dashing off now!"

Some thoughts:

– where are they? it looks like an East Asian country – from the sounds of the language and the brief glimpse of the soldiers, I’m going to guess Korea. If it were China though, Claire and Michelle might have an advantage if they have decent Chinese skills..

– Does the various oriental structures and soldiers bring anyone to mind of the old Japanese gameshow they used to show on TV called Takeshi’s Castle? I’m thinking in particular of this challenge where contestants had to pick doors and hurl themselves through it – losing (and hurting) if they pick a bricked up door instead of a paper one…

– Anyway Michelle makes the funniest faces. One thing I love about watching TARA is that you can totally identify the Singaporeans (and occasionally the Malaysians) the moment they open their mouths.

– Who wins? I think that the language barrier will slow down the other teams, and now that the Malaysian team is out, I’m backing local. Go Singapore! I think Claire and Michelle will finally pull out a win, after four 3rd place finishes. This doesn’t look like the most physical leg, so I think Indo might stay in 2nd place.

– Who’s out? Personally, I think this is going to be the next and final non-elimination leg (there are only 4 teams left after all! And the finale is run with 3 teams), so based on the trailers, Jess and Lani might be in trouble. No signs of the Richards, I think they’re hanging in there and just trying to play catch-up ball. Sorry girls!

So don’t forget to catch it! See it first, 9pm on Thursday, only on AXN

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