Jeremy and Kathleen Travel and make Pretty Pictures

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I was particularly drawn to the Jeremy and Kathleen blog because I love the graphic way Kathleen captions her Nepal/Everest Base Camp expedition pictures – no boring little liners on the bottom, it’s a beautiful hybrid of photography and design as she personalizes her shots with funny graphics and liners. It’s inspiring and refreshing, and a picture truly speaks a thousand words.

This is how I wish my journals looked like. I’m inspired to get off my lazy ass and tweak my photos more so my journal accounts are more memorable and engaging.

Also, something about that yellow and all those mountains gives me a NatGeo feel, and I’m no fan of hiking, but man they look so adventurous and gung-ho it makes me wanna get up and go somewhere!

Pix from JeremyandKathleen blog. (P/S They also make really lovely wedding invitations!)


  1. Thank you for all the kind words about the documentation of our trek!

    It’s funny looking back on that photo labeled “THIS IS WHAT MISERABLE LOOKS LIKE” – because right about now, I’d do anything to be back there. I miss that adventure like crazy.


    1. Hi Kathleen! It’s great that you dropped by! Trips somehow always seem more rosy when one returns… 20-20 hindsight and all and just plain ignoring the bad stuff! =)

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