The Amazing Race Season 4 – Epi 9 Precap


The leg continues! After the virtual pitstop, the teams take on a dirt track, boomerangs and have to swallow live wriggling worms before they can move on. The Indian girls take an unlucky turn and fall far behind, resulting in their elimination from the race.

My Predictions in the last Precap:

  • Winner – PH Richards
  • 2nd – SG Girls
  • 3rd – MY Guys
  • Last – INDO Father-Daughter

SCORE! Well… the Phil guys finish strong, and the MY guys keep their third place.

DUD. The Phil girls pull one out of the back to take pole position! and the Indo team lucks out when the Indian girls get lost and end up in last place, despite taking a 4 hr penalty!

* * * * *


I’ll be talking about stuff seen in the preview videos released by AXN, so if you’re a purist and you don’t want to know what happened, DON’T READ ON. Also, all comments are based on what I see off the videos and all guesses are just what they are – wild ass guesses based on arbitrary feelings and conjectures from what those sneaky producers choose to show on screen.


Award system: The final duke out will be among the top 3, so for each leg we’ll award 4 pts to the winner, 3 pts to runner up and 2 pts to third place. The rest get 1 pt by virtue of staying in the race, 2nd last gets 0 pts for almost getting kicked off while an elimination garners -1 pt. (Thanks to the Gratz Industries Project Runway big board of Shame for the scoring system!)

In order of their finishing in Epi 8:

  1. PH – Jess + Lani – 4 pts
  2. Richard + Richard – 3 pts
  3. MY – Ethan + Khairie – 2 pts
  4. SG – Claire + Michelle – 1 pt
  5. INDO – Hussein + Natasha – 0 pts
  6. IN – Sunaina + Dimple – -1 pt (eliminated)

Standings after 8 episodes:

  1. PH – Richard + Richard – 21 pts (2 first place, 4 second place, 1 safe)
  2. MY – Ethan + Khairie – 15 pts (2 first place, 2 third place, 3 safe)
  3. SG – Claire + Michelle – 10 pts (3 third place, 4 safe)
  4. PH – Jess + Lani – 10 pts (1 first, 6 safes)
  5. INDO – Hussein + Natasha – 7 pts (2 second place, 1 safe, 4 penultimate)
  6. IN – Sunaina + Dimple – 10 pts (1 first place, 1 second place, 1 third place, 2 safe, 1 penultimate, 1 last)
  7. MY – Ivan + Hilda – 8 pts (1 first place, 1 third place, 3 safe, 1 last)
  8. IN – Manas + Sahil (eliminated epi 4) – 1 pt (2 safes, 2 penultimate, 1 last)
  9. HK – Alan + Wendy (eliminated epi 3) – 0 pt (2 safes, 2 last)
  10. INDO – Yani + Nadine (eliminated epi 2) – -2 pts (2 last)

Some thoughts:

– Jess and Lani finally break their safe streak with the last win! They jump up several places to tie with Claire and Michelle with 10pts apiece.

– It’s getting harder to use the scoreboard to predict the losers anymore! Hussein and Natasha have less points than both the Indian team and the Malaysian couple, yet still remain in the game. Just goes to show that anything really can happen.

– The Richards still have a pretty commanding lead over the others, which looks set to stay if they keep finishing in the top 2.

* * * * *


Here we have screencap goodness of the upcoming episode preview, and my predictions based on what little bits the producers entice us with.

You can also check out the preview video of epi 8 at the facebook page.

Natasha finds some loot...
LOTS of it
Our Malaysian boys hit a dead end
with only cows for company
what's this atop my little head?
some people are better at using their head than others!
This way Bikini Babe!

– Where are we now? We’re definitely out of Australia, and it looks… Asian. Something about the graveyard Khairie and Ethan are in, and the marketplace, I’m guessing Malaysian or Indonesian, though leaning towards the latter since we started the race off in KL.

– We’re halfway through the race already, can you believe it! With only one more non-elimination leg left, I’m guessing it’ll be sprung soon. Also, we haven’t had a fast forward in a while now…

– Who’s out? Thee teams are all pretty strong now – we’re weeded out the obvious losers and even strong front runners like the Indian girls have been eliminated… Based on the scoreboard, it looks like Natasha and Hussein should be next – Hussein’s age and physical limitations have been a factor, and sheer luck has kept them off the bottom (4/7 times!), but they’re also the most seesaw team, making it pretty hard to say whether they will make it through to the next round. This next leg doesn’t look too physical, so they still have a chance.

– According to the previews, it looks like the SG girls and the MY boys are in trouble. Not sure how truthful the previews are (it’s about showcasing the best moments, not the true results after all!), but between the 2, the SG girls are more determined, though the MY boys are funnier to watch.

– At this point, I’m pretty sure the Richards will definitely make it to the top 3, unless something seriously derails them, like missing a plane! They’re strong and fairly smart, getting through most of the tasks pretty quickly. Definitely finalist contenders.

– Jess and Lani are wildcards, having been safe most of the race, and only pulling out all stops in the last super long leg. I’m still not sure if their winning streak will last, or if it was just a one off thing (they got lucky with an early flight, and managed not to screw up their legs, hence holding off the Richards.)

– My predictions: OH gosh, this is SO hard. I’m going to leave it in the hands of my faithful Scoreboard – which means Richards for the win, MY and SG in 2nd and 3rd respectively, and bye bye Hussein and Natasha. We’ll see how accurate the scoreboard really is!

So don’t forget to catch it! See it first, 9pm on Thursday, only on AXN

Get the latest @ or join the facebook group at

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