The Amazing Race Season 4 – Epi 8 Precap

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There’s lots of snow trippin’, sheep whispering, barrel rolling and flying through the air on a trapeze. The Phil girls luck out with an early arriving flight, shocking the ‘thought-we-were-leading-dammit!’ Phil guys and reaching the mat first only to realize…

Holy virtual pitstops, we're still racing!

yes, the leg’s not over yet! So we’re not checking how great my predictions are yet…

(here’s what they are anyway!)

  • Winner – PH Richards
  • 2nd – SG Girls
  • 3rd – MY Guys
  • Last – IN Girls

So far… I totally forgot about home ground advantage and that Lani/Jess (live in Phil but are Aussies at heart), though safe all through the race so far, might pick this time to really pull out the stops and go for gold! Also, the Indo team looks like they’re in real trouble now, taking a 4-hour penalty for the trapeze stop…

* * * * *


I’ll be talking about stuff seen in the preview videos released by AXN, so if you’re a purist and you don’t want to know what happened, DON’T READ ON. Also, all comments are based on what I see off the videos and all guesses are just what they are – wild ass guesses based on arbitrary feelings and conjectures from what those sneaky producers choose to show on screen.

No Scoreboard recap in this episode since they’ve not technically hit the pit-stop yet! Check out my previous post here.


Here we have screencap goodness of the upcoming episode preview, and my predictions based on what little bits the producers entice us with.

You can also check out the preview video of epi 8 at the facebook page.

ALLAN WU VOICE: “In the next episode of The Amazing Race Asia…”

"some shooting..."

"some driving..."

"And then there are the fat juicy squishy worms."

Michelle: !!!

Khairie: *slurp* | Ethan: eeh.

we could not catch Claire's comments

Richard 1: if I don't see it, I'm not really eating it... | Richard 2: *grossed out*



– I think Natasha and Hussein are in real trouble – 4 hours is a long time! They’ll only luck out if they get bunched up by an opening timing or a flight timing thing, which is not impossible really!

– Will Jess and Lani hold on to their lead? I think so, though Lani looks like she’s having a real bad time with those worms…

– It’s all up in the air now! I’m going to stand by my earlier predictions, just because I don’t know what’s going to happen! We hardly see the Indian girls, so I’m going to take it as a sign that they’re on their way out! Phil guys will take back their lead and the Phil girls will drop back to safe.

So don’t forget to catch it! See it first, 9pm on Thursday, only on AXN

Get the latest @ or join the facebook group at

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  1. So when is the re-run of the latest episode? I missed it! I know one is on Friday and one in on Sunday but I missed those too so…

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