The Amazing Race Season 4 – Epi 6 Precap


The teams head to the Philippines, where they encounter a very physical leg. An intersection shook things up a little bit, but still the Indian dudes finished last and were eliminated.

Bye India!

My Predictions in the last Precap:

  • Winner – PH Richards
  • 2nd – IN Girls
  • 3rd – PH Girls
  • Last – IN Guys

SCORE! Well I was right about the Indian dudes finishing last! That’s not too bad…

DUD. Ethan/Khairie and the Singaporean girls really stepped it up after a relatively quiet last few episodes and came in first and third respectively this episode. The Phil girls didn’t really get much home land advantage when they get stuck waiting for Ivan and Hilda at the Intersection.

* * * * *


I’ll be talking about stuff seen in the preview videos released by AXN, so if you’re a purist and you don’t want to know what happened, DON’T READ ON. Also, all comments are based on what I see off the videos and all guesses are just what they are – wild ass guesses based on arbitrary feelings and conjectures from what those sneaky producers choose to show on screen.


Award system: The final duke out will be among the top 3, so for each leg we’ll award 4 pts to the winner, 3 pts to runner up and 2 pts to third place. The rest get 1 pt by virtue of staying in the race, 2nd last gets 0 pts for almost getting kicked off while an elimination garners -1 pt. (Thanks to the Gratz Industries Project Runway big board of Shame for the scoring system!)

In order of their finishing in Epi 5:

  1. MY – Ethan + Khairie – 4 pts
  2. PH – Richard + Richard – 3 pts
  3. SG – Claire + Michelle – 2 pts
  4. IN – Sunaina + Dimple – 1 pt
  5. PH – Jess + Lani – 1 pt
  6. MY – Ivan + Hilda – 1 pt
  7. INDO – Hussein + Natasha – 0 pt
  8. IN – Manas + Sahil – -1 pt (eliminated)

Standings after 5 episodes:

  1. PH – Richard + Richard – 14 pts (1 first place, 3 second place, 1 safe)
  2. MY – Ethan + Khairie – 12 pts (2 first place, 1 third place, 2 safe)
  3. IN – Sunaina + Dimple – 11 pts (1 first place, 1 second place, 1 third place, 2 safe)
  4. MY – Ivan + Hilda – 9 pts (1 first place, 1 third place, 3 safe)
  5. SG – Claire + Michelle – 7 pts (2 third place, 3 safe)
  6. PH – Jess + Lani – 5 pts (5 safes)
  7. INDO – Hussein + Natasha – 4 pts (1 second place, 1 safe, 3 penultimate)
  8. IN – Manas + Sahil (eliminated epi 4) – 1 pt (2 safes, 2 penultimate, 1 last)
  9. HK – Alan + Wendy (eliminated epi 3) – 0 pt (2 safes, 2 last)
  10. INDO – Yani + Nadine (eliminated epi 2) – -2 pts (2 last)

Some thoughts:

– The top 3 teams are starting to pull away! The Richards still remain the strongest team having only finished safe once.

– Jess and Lani, still remain the only team to have been safe all the way – when will they break their safe streak?

– None of the remaining teams have finished second last – Hussein and Natasha however, have 3 near misses to their name! Will their next finish be their last? It certainly looks like they’re the next team to go!


Here we have screencap goodness of the upcoming episode preview, and my predictions based on what little bits the producers entice us with.

You can also check out the preview video of epi 5 at the facebook page.

Woohoo! Bet his head was really cold!
ARGH! Must have been pretty cold - look how wrapped up they all are

Would Hilda actually jump? I bet there was a real big fuss before she did, if she managed to!
Go sassy lady!
That's Natasha, and that looks like the Indian girls in the background
And are those the Philippine Party girls on the other side of Hussein?
Hussein pulls out a whistle...
And totally earns this slow-mo bitch-face from his daughter. waugh!

Some thoughts:

– Bungee! HOW COOL IS THAT. Bungee is pretty scary when you’re actually up there – but once you’re done with it, it’s SUCH a rush.

– We definitely have to be in New Zealand (and boy does it look cold). And I”m pretty sure they’re at Nevis Bungy, one of the spots I had my eye on jumping up, but unfortunately didn’t have the time for! (I jumped at the Ledge instead, which was also pretty darn thrilling!)

–  The Richards, Hilda/Ivan and Dad/Daughter Indo are getting a lot of airtime this promo… but then again it’s usually a fakeout~ The Richards will probably do well with these physical tasks. The latter 2? I bet Hilda totally freaks out at the bungee (she shows signs already), and possibly even refuses to jump at all; she’s one strong headed lady. Natasha looks like she has a major meltdown with her dad at the log cutting station, but I daresay they’ll survive, the perpetual penultimaters…

– Who’s top? The Phil Boys, Indian Girls and Msian Guys remain at the top of the scoreboard. The Richards will probably do well if the NZ leg is mostly physical. The Indian girls look like they’ve fallen behind a little, or that Hussein and Natasha have caught up with them, so I think they’re not going to be on top. The Malaysian guys don’t feature at all, so I’m predicting they’re pulling ahead, along with the feisty little Singaporean girls. So 1) Pinoy guys, 2) Malaysian Guys, 3) SG girls.

– Who’s out? So far I’ve ben pretty accurate with this pick (and have probably jinxed myself now), so rather than go with the scoreboard’s predictions (that’s what the producers want you to think! With the promo featuring them fighting and all! Bet it’s a fakeout!), i’m thinking the next weakest team is Hilda and Ivan. Sorry, but I think they’ve been pretty lucky so far, but luck only gets you so far! I’m thinking Hussein and Natasha will continue their penultimate streak again this round.

So don’t forget to catch it! See it first, 9pm on Thursday, only on AXN

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