Hello, I'd like a Table For One

The thing about travelling alone, is that it can get a little lonely without anyone familiar to talk to, especially when you’re in a place where you don’t speak the language – gesticulating and smiles only do so much. Of course that’s the impetus to reach out and make new friends, but it never hurts to have someone you know by your side…

Travelling alone also means eating alone more often than not. Usually I don’t even bother sitting down to eat, I just eat on the go, since it’s just me after all – saves time and the ‘did she get stood up?’ glances!

Samantha Tio spent a year seeking out and photographing lone diners in Singapore, and shares with us their intriguing anecdotes, which she blends together with her own musings into a contemplative paragraph of prose. A lot of these lone diners turned out to be business travellers, which is a case of

I thought the portraits were pretty arresting – this was my favourite one.

I like how it almost seems like 2 people at that table, and that it’s the mirror image that’s looking into the camera.

Table For One is now on exhibit at Food For Thought at 8Q, Singapore Art Museum from the 14th of Oct to 14th of Nov.

Check out Table For One here.

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  1. This is such a neat idea. I actually love eating alone! It’s nice to just sit, and eat, and think. Or read, or doodle (which is what I prefer). Maybe I’m just a weirdo or a bit of a loner at heart 🙂

    Drinking alone on the other hand is just a really bad idea.

    • Eating alone in a nice chill out cafe on a quiet afternoon/evening with a book/magazine/sketchpad is nice…
      But actually going to a fancy restaurant or steamboat? Definitely not for me…

      And not drinking alone either! unless you’re in the comfort of your own home, but even then i think that just feels strange…

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