The Amazing Race Season 4 – Epi 5 Precap


In the last episode of  TARA4, the Pinoy boys finally got their first place by shaving off their trademark locks at the Fast Forward, and the HK team succumbed to the slowest bus in the world, ended up in last place and eliminated.


My Predictions in the last Precap:

  • Winner – PH Richards
  • 2nd – IN Girls
  • 3rd – MY Guys
  • Last – HK

SCORE! A perfect 4/4 prediction, and in the right order too! Man do I rock at this – and signs that the Scoreboard, however arbitrary it may seem, actually does work!

DUD. none. I ROCK.

* * * * *


I’ll be talking about stuff seen in the preview videos released by AXN, so if you’re a purist and you don’t want to know what happened, DON’T READ ON. Also, all comments are based on what I see off the videos and all guesses are just what they are – wild ass guesses based on arbitrary feelings and conjectures from what those sneaky producers choose to show on screen.


Award system: The final duke out will be among the top 3, so for each leg we’ll award 4 pts to the winner, 3 pts to runner up and 2 pts to third place. The rest get 1 pt by virtue of staying in the race, 2nd last gets 0 pts for almost getting kicked off while an elimination garners -1 pt. (Thanks to the Gratz Industries Project Runway big board of Shame for the scoring system!)

In order of their finishing in Epi 4:

  1. PH – Richard + Richard – 4 pts
  2. IN – Sunaina + Dimple – 3 pts
  3. MY – Ethan + Khairie – 2 pts
  4. PH – Jess + Lani – 1 pt
  5. INDO – Hussein + Natasha – 1 pt
  6. MY – Ivan + Hilda – 1 pt
  7. SG – Claire + Michelle – 1 pt
  8. IN – Manas + Sahil – 0 pt
  9. HK – Alan + Wendy – -1pt (eliminated)

Standings after 4 episodes:

  1. PH – Richard + Richard – 11 pts (1 first place, 2 second place, 1 safe)
  2. IN – Sunaina + Dimple – 10 pts (1 first place, 1 second place, 1 third place, 1 safe)
  3. MY – Ethan + Khairie – 8 pts (1 first place, 1 third place, 2 safe)
  4. MY – Ivan + Hilda – 7 pts (1 first place, 1 third place, 2 safe)
  5. SG – Claire + Michelle – 5 pts (1 third place, 3 safe)
  6. PH – Jess + Lani – 4 pts (4 safes)
  7. INDO – Hussein + Natasha – 4 pts (1 second place, 1 safe, 2 penultimate)
  8. IN – Manas + Sahil – 2 pts (2 safes, 2 penultimate)
  9. HK – Alan + Wendy (eliminated epi 3) – 0 pt (2 safes, 2 last)
  10. INDO – Yani + Nadine (eliminated epi 2) – -2 pts (2 last)

Some thoughts:

– The Richards finally get their win, by going for the fast forward, shaving their trademark locks with nary a thought and dashing straight to the pitstop! Well for $2k a piece and a chance at $100k I would definitely think about it! But this task was definitely male skewed – can you imagine if the Indian girls got there? Would they really shave their heads for this, especially since they depend on their looks for their careers?

– The Indian girls and the Malaysian boys finish strong again as the second and third teams respectively, and that’s reflected in the overall standings as the top 3

– What did I tell you about Alan and Wendy, the bickering HK couple, finishing last? Well to be fair, they were doing pretty well, until they got on that wrong bus and ended up from 2nd to last place! I’m not sure if they would have managed to surpass the Indian guys if they had stuck with the language though…

– Jess and Lani now have 4 safes, which oddly enough, gives them the same points as Hussein and Natasha in the overall standings, who have had a much more seesaw ride so far.


Here we have screencap goodness of the upcoming episode preview, and my predictions based on what little bits the producers entice us with.

You can also check out the preview video of epi 5 at the facebook page.

Well this looks like fun
"ASIANNNN GLADIATORS TAKE ON... THE JOUST!" I loved that bit of American Gladiators - it's really nothing more than watching the puny contestants get the shit beat out of them by scary ass muscly gladiators
"My ass is too big for this!" screams Ethan, hanging precariously off the back of his pint-sized partner Khairie
A Richard goes Muck Diving... he's probably very glad now that he shaved off that floppy mop of hair. Mud in hair is not fun at all.
There's also a lot of attempts at folk dancing
In other news, poor Michelle's head is just too small for her bandana...
... ok perhaps it's not just her head that's too small!
OMG, kill me now. Is India in trouble?

Some thoughts:

– Everything is sorta in flux this episode – I’m hardly able to catch any proper stills because everybody, dammit, is moving!

– The teams have finally gotten out of Sri Lanka, and it looks like they’ve made their way to somewhere in the Philippines. With 2 Phil teams still in the race, will they have any advantage? It doesn’t look anywhere metropolitan like Manila, but one thing about Philippines is that they’re pretty decent English speakers compared to a lot of Asia, so that should keep the other teams in it.

– It looks like a pretty physical round too – Jetskiing, 4-wheel driving, mud wrestling, dancing, some sort of Pinata game? It’ll definitely benefit teams who are fit and coordinated, which oddly enough, isn’t a description I’d give any team here – they’re either one or the other.

– Who’s top? The scoreboard puts the top 3 as the Phil Boys, Indian Girls and Msian Guys. The Richards will probably do the physical parts fast, but I can’t see them getting past the dancing, so that should level them out! The Indian girls (who I noticed, have hardly shown up in the previews – perhaps saving the drama for later?) and The Malaysian guys will probably stay strongish, but I think Lani and Jess, on homeground, will finally step up and get a third place and nudge Khairie and Ethan, with the big ass, out of the top 3.

– Who’s out? I think it’s time for the Indian boys to say good bye! They’ve not been the smartest and have survived through sheer luck so far – I think their time has come!

So don’t forget to catch it! See it first, 9pm on Thursday, only on AXN

Get the latest @ or join the facebook group at

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