The Amazing Race Asia S4 – Epi 3 Precap

Lately, in between crazy work schedules and thinking up grand plans for the store (check it out if you haven’t!) I’ve been watching The Amazing Race Asia on AXN.

I love watching the Amazing Race. Other than Project Runway, it’s the only reality TV show that I’ll watch regularly and bother to keep up with. The Asian version also is extra special given that these are fellow citizens, perhaps people we’ve passed by on the street – real regular relatable people with familiar accents and mannerisms, so it’s exciting to see how they take on the challenge of navigating a race around the world and imagine how would have done in that same situation!

I’m a little late coming into this – 2 episodes have been aired already and the 3rd is set to air on Thursday at 9pm.

Inspired by The Gratz Industries Project Runway precaps and their Big Board of Shame, I thought I’d do a little something similar for TARA4 to see if one could predict the winners of each leg and race based on certain patterns. Also, because I have a running bet with my colleague on who we think is going to be the winner of TARA4, it doesn’t hurt to keep track and see whether either of us is going to win that one bubble tea bet! (yes, we’re el cheapo. I’ll never make it into any of the 2 swanky casi.. sorry INTEGRATED RESORTS.. in Singapore)

so First:


I’ll be talking about stuff seen in the preview videos released by AXN, so if you’re a purist and you don’t want to know what happened, DON’T READ ON. Also, all comments are based on what I see off the videos and all guesses are just what they are – wild ass guesses based on arbitrary feelings and conjectures from what those sneaky producers choose to show on screen.


Let’s award some points accordingly for the last 2 episodes.

Award system: The final duke out will be among the top 3, so for each leg we’ll award 4 pts to the winner, 3 pts to runner up and 2 pts to third place. The rest get 1 pt by virtue of staying in the race, 2nd last gets 0 pts for almost getting kicked off while an elimination garners -1 pt. (Thanks to the Gratz big board of Shame for the scoring system!)

Epi 1 saw them race around KL and end up in Penang, where the local Malaysian boys Ethan and Khairie put their local knowledge to use and come in first. Pretty Indonesian models Yani and Nadine are stumped by the big cruise ship and end up in last place.

In order of their finishing in Epi 1:

  1. MY – Ethan + Khairie – 4 pts
  2. PH – Richard + Richard – 3 pts
  3. SG – Claire + Michelle – 2 pts
  4. IN – Sunaina + Dimple – 1 pt
  5. HK – Alan + Wendy – 1pt
  6. MY – Ivan + Hilda – 1 pt
  7. IN – Manas + Sahil – 1 pt
  8. PH – Jess + Lani – 1 pt
  9. INDO – Hussein + Natasha – 0pt
  10. INDO – Yani + Nadine (non-elimination) – -1pt

Epi 2 was a pretty see-saw episode, with all the teams bunched up at the underwater task, and half of them hampered by a 4-hour penalty, which saw Malaysian couple Hilda and Ivan in a footrace with the Richards from Philippines to the pit stop. The Indonesian models, stuck with a 4 hour penalty as well as a half hour penalty from finishing last in the previous leg, fall to the back of the pack and are eliminated.

In order of their finishing in Epi 2:

  1. MY – Ivan + Hilda – 4 pts
  2. PH – Richard + Richard – 3 pts
  3. IN – Sunaina + Dimple – 2 pts
  4. IN – Manas + Sahil – 1 pt
  5. MY – Ethan + Khairie – 1 pt
  6. HK – Alan + Wendy – 1pt
  7. SG – Claire + Michelle – 1 pt
  8. PH – Jess + Lani – 1 pt
  9. INDO – Hussein + Natasha – 0pt
  10. INDO – Yani + Nadine eliminated) – -1pt

Standings after 2 episodes:

  1. PH – Richard + Richard – 6 pts (2 second place)
  2. MY – Ivan + Hilda – 5 pts (1 first place, 1 safe)
  3. MY – Ethan + Khairie – 5 pts (1 first place, 1 safe)
  4. IN – Sunaina + Dimple – 3 pts (1 third place, 1 safe)
  5. SG – Claire + Michelle – 3 pts (1 third place, 1 safe)
  6. IN – Manas + Sahil – 2 pts (2 safes)
  7. HK – Alan + Wendy – 2 pts (2 safes)
  8. PH – Jess + Lani – 2 pts (2 safes)
  9. INDO – Hussein + Natasha – 0 pts (2 penultimates)
  10. INDO – Yani + Nadine (eliminated) – -2 pts (2 lasts)

Some thoughts:

– The Richards are the front runners based on 2 second place finishes. They definitely look like front runners at this point!

– Does the home team really have the advantage? The last 2 legs took place in Malaysia, with both the MY teams doing pretty well and taking 2nd and 3rd spots overall. Will they be able to hang on to this advantage once the competition moves to other countries?

– Come on Indonesia! Hussein and Natasha have no points so far for barely hanging on. They’ve only managed to narrowly beat out their fellow countrywomen in both the legs. They’ve been lucky so far, but will they be able to hang on?


Check out The Amazing Race Asia Facebook page videos for this episode preview video! I haven’t quite figured out if you can embed Facebook videos yet…

Back? Great!

Fourth: PRECAP


Hello Alan Wu, What's up in Epi 3?



Smaller but fiercer: Hilda totally shoulder-checks Michelle as she brushes by her. The SG girls already have an enimity wiht the Indian Chicks after the ticket fiasco, did they piss off the Tengku too?



Hilda and Ivan, with the Indian cousins Manas and Sahil next to them. Is that fish they're unloading? Judging by the crowd, I'm guessing we're somewhere in India, which should give the boys an advantage?



But obviously not against Hilda's incessant and grating voice. Sorry lady, but you are LOUD



HK's Alan lets out a huge groan here as Wendy looks on. Fishes out of water? They look like they're in trouble!



The Richards with no headwear. Shock! I think they'd be better off accosting ladies rather than men if they're trying to sell stuff...



Getting all up in the Indian dude's face. The Phil girls definitely aren't shy. Wonder how he pissed her off - it takes something for people to call you EVIL.



Here's Michelle wailing about something. I'm liable to think it's a fake out and she probably just got her shoes dirty! Or perhaps she lost Claire?


So it looks like drama this next episode with Jess screaming at some Indian dude and Alan throwing up his hands in frustration. It also looks like they’re somewhere in India, so the 2 Indian teams might have some home team advantage here. We see no sign of the Indian ladies, the Malaysian guys and the Indonesian Father-Daughter team, so I think they’re probably safe.

Who’s in trouble? It looks like Hong Kong, Phil girls and the SG team. Looking at the tasks ahead – navigating India via Tuktuk, sorting fish in the fish market – I think the ex-Miss Hong Kong and fellow TVB actor are going to be in trouble. The Phil and Singapore girls are pretty fiesty – the former will use their charm (and perhaps too much of it!) and the latter will use their ‘little girl wiles’ (I’ve seen them, they’re tiny, both of them). Sorry HK, I think you’re due for an out!

Who’s top? My money is on the competitive Phil guys finally taking first place in this leg. It looks like the 4th place Indian guys managed to catch up with the 2nd place Malaysian couple, so I’m calling the Indian teams to make it to 2nd and 3rd place respectively. Home team advantage!

Catch the next episode on Thursday at 9pm to see how accurate I (and you) are!

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