Nifty Hideaway for the Paranoid Traveller

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Hello all! I’m still here, just.. busy!

Anyway, here’s something that’s pretty cool. Now I’m someone who’s really worried about losing things overseas. Singapore is pretty safe, to the extent that we are lulled into a false sense of security and forget that it’s not always the case overseas.

Going backpacking and not having a locker/lock on the door? Definitely worrying. Not that a lock is foolproof, but it just makes it less easy…

Here’s a very simply designed hanging pocket, cleverly designed to look like a ladies tank top when closed, that you can hang in your cupboard unobtrusively with the rest of your clothes (preferably with a plain, scruffy shirt that no one would want to touch!) where you can hide your belongings when you’re out of your hotel room!

It’s a great and really simple idea. If you’re crafty enough, you could probably convert one of your old shirts into your own customized version! If not, get yours from Magellan’s today.

Originial post from bltd.

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