Taiwan Tales 0 – An Unholy Introduction

The Unholies Take on Taiwan
The Unholies Take On Taiwan | 2nd - 17th May 2007 | A tale of epic proportions, soap opera drama and hijinks

Before we begin the Taiwan Tales, let me introduce my dear friends and travel mates, collectively known as the Unholies.

Our story
a little bit about us, if you feel like reading, if not the summary is below!

It’s an odd name, yes, but the nutshell of that story goes that none of us are particularly religious and didn’t take kindly to being preached at by the holy sort of people. Somehow it just caught on, and that’s how we ended up referring to ourselves as a group. It is kinda catchy, no? I always thought it’d make a good band name…

We first met in university – we had all been in the same orientation group. I’d known P by name and face from Junior College, C turned out to be an ex-primary school classmate, J and KL were newly met, but we all became fast friends. Here’s a little more about them, then. We’ve evolved some since then though we’re mostly still us, I’m still awesome, of course.

K, always leading our motley crew, and wants to be a travel planner when she grows up
Yes, that is an upside down map of Taiwan. She's a great driver though~
C never did tell us how those dead animal pix turned out...
she's now his wife, and all is well =)
Me, the awesome, wonderful, trip chronicler

Now you know a little about us, here’s where we travelled in our 2 week trip – we covered Taipei, the eastern and southern bits of Taiwan:

Our itinerary for the 2 week trip

I stuck a map in my book with our path highlighted in orange, and the various modes of transport we took sketched in. it looks very much like we travelled all around Taiwan, but that whole leg up the west cost was one very long train ride form Kaohshiung to Taipei. I’d not really taken a proper train ride in my life up to that point (we’ve only got the MRT, or the metro/subway for everyone else in Singapore), but I was pretty train-ed up after this trip!

The Map
Around Taiwan in 15 days

You’ll be hearing more about each place we visited in the following posts. First up, we land in Taipei, encounter extreme wildlife in the hills of Yang Ming Shan, and have our first of many Hot Spring baths in Beitou.

Taiwan Tales 0 > Taiwan Tales 1 (Taipei)

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