Tantalizing Tales of Taiwan

I’ve been to Taiwan a total of 3 times now. I spent most of my time in Taipei, with 2/3 of the trips being eating-shopping ones. The most memorable one was my second trip, a graduation trip with a bunch of my fellow course-mates, where we spent 2 weeks traipsing around Taiwan.

This trip is memorable for many things: we were a bunch of 5 friends, 4 girls and 1 guy; we were great friends in school and hung out all the time, but we’ve never done a long trip together. You know how they say that travel makes or breaks a friendship… well it’s true. If you’ve survived a trip with someone, chances are your friendship’s gonna last.

Also, this trip account was what I entered into the Invitation Au Voyage 2007, a collaboration between Moleskine and Air France, with the top prize being a trip to Paris! I didn’t win, but I did place in the top 50, which won me 3 moleskine journals, as well as my humble little journal making a trip to Hong Kong, Taiwan and Singapore in a travelling exhibition. My little attempt was nothing compared to some of the beautiful illustrations that won, but I like to think that my little scribbles and doodles were quirky enough to bag me the win.

On the trip, I had a bunch of markers, some blue tack and a pretty journal one of my travel mates had given me from her own sojourn in India. It was only after the trip that I transferred those scribbled memories to a Moleskine Cahier (contest criteria was that it had to be in a moleskine. If I had known I would have brought that along in the first place. The cahier was a lot thinner and more portable than my original journal!) and tidied it up for public consumption. Yes, some stuff that happened in Taiwan, stays in Taiwan >_<

So for this month (or 2 maybe, there’s quite a lot of stuff…), we’re gonna be looking back at my Taiwan memories. I’ll be scanning some of my original illustrations from my journals in here as well. Some things just can’t be described in words. Besides the day-by-day journal, I’ll also do little featurettes on the great things about Taiwan, a combination of my experiences from all 3 trips.

Take this as my token of apology, Unholies. I know I promised one of you would get to keep the moleskine version when it came back from the exhibition, but it turned out a little more special than I thought, so I’m recapping it here for you guys instead.

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