Book? MacBook? It's a BookBook!

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I’m personally a little paranoid when I’m overseas. I hide my money all over the place, and I try to lock up any valuables as far as possible. Sometimes, I even refrain from bringing the nicer/more expensive stuff with me, just because I’d rather not risk it getting stolen/lost.

(Trust me, always buy Travel Insurance. I’ve lost 2 cameras and an iPod to date, thank god for Travel Insurance)

But here, is a nice stylish way that helps keep your MacBooks and iPads safe.

Called BookBook, this lovely laptop casing transforms your swanky new age MacBook into a very authentic looking vintage hard cover book, effectively camouflaging your laptop and reducing the risk of it getting stolen! This is such a cool way to keep your things safe (unless your thief is an old book fiend, then you’re outta luck).

I think this is a great idea, especially for the travel bloggers who have to lug their laptops around with them all the time – it’s also absolutely practical and stylish, everything an Occasional Traveller would want and more! Also a great compromise for the tech geek who’s also an avid reader – best of both worlds!

The designers TwelveSouth has also created a BookBook for iPads, which is even more convincing because you can pretend you’re reading an encyclopedia when instead you’re playing Angry Birds (turn off the sound first though!). Unfortunately PC users like me don’t get to share in the pretty because TwelveSouth are Mac fans and specifically develop products for Macs.

Things like these make me want to get a Mac!

All pix from TwelveSouth


  1. This is going on the wish list! I’ve been wanting one of these for ages – maybe it’s time to bite the bullet and get one for my ipad at least 😉

    1. I looked the the stockists, apparently epicentre in SG carries them, though I’ve never seen, so maybe you can check it out there =)
      if not, you should get one! it’s sooo pretty
      I think the iPad one would be so cool. you can totally look ‘scholarly’ while playing angry birds haha

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