The Swedish make living in forests look sexy

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Seriously, camping has never really sounded like a good idea to me. Being exposed to the elements, having to deal with pesky insects, cut off from civilization… yeesh. Sure the idea of camping is novel for awhile, but I’m your delicate city gal – I like my creature comforts.

But somehow, these 2 Swedish companies have created the most enchanting looking abodes right in the midst of the Scandinavian forests, that make me really want to grab my hiking boots and head out into the wilderness.

On one end of the scale you have the Kolarbyn Eco-lodge, touting itself as Sweden’s most primitive hotel.

Such a cute little hobbit-like hovel!

You live in a little forest hut, which looks like something that might have popped right out of Tolkien’s Middle Earth Sure you have to cut your own firewood, fetch your own fresh water, and the nearest hot shower is 3km away (there’s always the creek!), but you also get to go on cool wildlife watching tours for beavers and moose (mooses? meese?), pick wild mushrooms and enjoy a sauna floating out in the middle of the beautiful Lake Skärsjön! Check out their photo gallery, it’s AWESOME.

Also, it’s pretty affordable as well! At just 350SEK (that’s about S$65), it’s a very reasonable price to pay for such an experience. Definitely something I’d consider if I ever make my way up to Sweden…

And then you have the Treehotel, which is absolutely mindblowingly GORGEOUS. 6 unique themed rooms with another due in October, the architecture is breathtaking and amazing.  I mean look at it:

The Mirrorcube reflects the forest all around it, disappearing into the landscape

The Mirrorcube is stunning in its simplicity and its design concept – this really takes blending into the natural surroundings to another level. I love that they even took the birds into consideration by making sure they wouldn’t crash into the mirrors (they stuck some sort of infra red ‘for birds eyes only’ film on the mirrors).

Besides the Mirrorcube, check out the other rooms: the UFO, the Bird’s nest, the blue cone (which is not blue, is it like the airplane’s black box which is orange?)… it’s like living in a storybook!

Also, they even have a tree sauna. How amazing is that. Prices naturally are a lot higher for the Treehotel, with an average stay in any of the rooms for 2 people ranging form 3500SEK (~$650) onwards, but man talk about a stay with a difference. I’d definitely pay to stay in such an unusual place at least once in my lifetime.

So whether you want to stay up in the trees or down on the ground, whether you want a rustic or an nirvana experience, Sweden’s forests will have something for you!

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