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Diving and Buffs and Diving in the Buff

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I discovered on my last dive trip, thanks to my good sister’s advice, the best dive accessory one can own is…

a buff.

Seriously, it not only stops those irritating flyaway hairs that cause water to leak in the front of your mask, it also prevents your hair from getting tangled in the tight straps around your head. And if your hair is anything like mine (thick and unruly and tangles easily), this is fantastic news for your scalp because you’ll lose a lot less hair this way when you’re removing your goggles.

Pro divers sometimes wear dive hoods, which help keep your head warm in cold waters, but boy do they look like a pain to put on and take off. They look like long wetsuits – you might not shiver in them because they’re snug around you, but having to struggle in and out of a tight wetsuit before and after dives is a PAIN and is one of the most annoying parts about diving.

Anyway here are some really awesome dive hoods I found on the net at Scapa Scuba. I guess if you were going to wear a hood you might as well have some fun with it!

Dive hoods

(From left) Shark Hood, Devil Hood, Clownfish Hood

Terrapin Wetsuits has and will customize ‘minihoods’, which look more user friendly than proper dive hoods. They’re supposed to keep your head warmer and make yourself more recognizable to fellow divers. I’m wondering if passing fish might get confused…

But for the tropical water divers like myself, a buff is great because its so multipurpose even out of the water – as a hat, scarf, muffler, etc. so you don’t have to worry about it being a white elephant. For a cheaper DIY option, a simple bandana actually works as well, just that you have to be more fiddly with the knots.

Another funny thing I came across while doing a little internet research about buffs and diving… is that there are a whole category of people who go diving… in the buff. I think that is incredible because I sometimes get cold even in tropical waters, I can’t imagine diving naked. Also, maybe I’ve watched too many nature documentaries or got stung by too many strange unseen underwater organisms, but I’d rather cover up my tender bits thank you.

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